Ultrasonic Diffuser: Ultra Mini USB

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This mini, portable USB diffuser has it all: ultrasonic technology, power adaptability, and a decorative design.

This mini, portable USB diffuser has it all: ultrasonic technology, power adaptability, and decorative design. Plug the unit directly into your computer so that the ultrasonic diffusion can silently diffuse water and your favorite essential oil. Or, use the 48" extension cord (included) to set the unit away from the computer. The diffuser offers 2 timer settings for controlling mist output, allowing the water and oil reservoir to last up to 6 hours. A decorative top with embossed floral design comes in different colors, making this unit attractive as well as functional. Need extra wicks? Click here to get more!

Quantity: 1 USB diffuser unit with wick, 1 replacement wick, and 48" extension cord.


  • Small, portable size and shape.
  • Standard USB port connection or extension cord.
  • Silent operation.
  • Cold-mist ultrasonic diffusion.
  • 2 timer/output settings (continuous/10-second intervals).
  • Long-lasting output (up to 30 minutes continuously running or 6 hours at 10-second intervals).
  • 90-day warranty.

Size: 1¾" x 3".

Directions: Remove the snap-on cap, and add water to just below the ridge inside the reservoir. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water. Make sure the wick is fully inserted into the opening on the underside of the cap. Replace the cap and plug the unit into a USB port (or use the extension cord). Caution: Do not immerse diffuser in water.

Note: This diffuser can also be plugged into any electrical wall outlet with a standard USB wall adapter (not included).

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