Stainless Steel Diffusing Pendant

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This stainless steel pendant comes with a decorative sliding casing and the words "Only Love" etched on it, making it an elegant accessory.

This beautiful diffusing pendant allows you to enjoy your favorite essential oil wherever you go! This handmade, stainless steel pendant comes with a removable, decorative sliding casing, a rhinestone accent, and the words "Only Love" etched on its side.

Quantity: 1 Stainless Steel Diffusing Pendant, 1 plastic pipette, and 1 purple net carrying case.

Size: Pendant—1½" x ⅜"; Chain—~22".

Directions: The essential oil diffuses through the holes where the chain loops through the lid, allowing the necklace to diffuse while the pendant is closed. To change the oil in the necklace, simply unscrew the lid from the vial and use the included pipette.

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