Sodium Lactate Liquid, 60%, 8 oz.

This conditioner is great for all hair types, and can be blended with essential oils for a custom scent—just the way you want! Also useful as a moisturizing additive to many skin and hair products.

This adaptable-use product is great for all hair types, and it can be blended with essential oils to create the perfect conditioner—just the way you want! Sodium lactate is naturally occurring in skin, and its humectant properties help skin and hair retain moisture. You can add a little bit to many DIY products.

Contents: 8 oz. (1 c.).

Directions: As hair conditioner, apply 1–3 tsp. to clean, wet hair and spread throughout with hands. Rinse out completely for normal to oily hair, or partially rinse out for normal to dry hair. In DIY products, add a small amount (.5–5%) to naturally attract and hold moisture in skin and hair.

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