Rollerball "Babies and Mamas": Personal Gift Set

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A unique and thoughtful gift for new mothers and babies. Includes instructions, vial labels, and sticker tops for 5 baby blends and 5 mama blends that address common concerns. Recipes fill 5 ml roll-on vials.

A great gift for any mother-to-be! The beautiful booklet includes an introduction to essential oils, dilution guide, baby's 1st year milestones chart, 5 ml rollerball recipes for babies and mamas with corresponding application instructions, and a few fun diffuser blend recipes.

The set also includes both vial labels and sticker tops for the blends presented in the book: Calm Mama, Cool Baby, Happy Mama, Mama Marks, Milk Mama, Sleepy Baby, Tender Tatas, Tiny Airways, Tiny Teeth, and Tiny Tummy.

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Quantity: 1 booklet, 1 sheet with 10 labels and 10 sticker tops, and 1 envelope. (Roll-on vials not included.)

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