Rollerball Kits: Assorted Sticker Tops (88 Count)

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These sticker tops help to quickly identify roll-on blends in the Rollerball™ "Wellness," "Babies & Mamas," "Kids," and "Mood Series" Make & Take Workshop Kits.

These sticker tops fit the caps of your roll-on vials to quickly identify blends in the Rollerball™ "Wellness," "Babies & Mamas," "Kids," and "Mood Series" Make-and-Take Workshop Kits. The sheet of 88 moisture-proof labels includes 2 labels for each roll-on blend and 8 blank labels. They are perfect if you want to hold additional classes or give away multiple vials of blends for gifts.

The labels repel both water and oil. They adhere securely to our 10 ml roller bottles, and also fit our smaller sample, metal roll-on vials. (Our Hard-shell Travel Roll-on Case holds 10 roll-on vials perfectly!)

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Quantity: 88 assorted labels (2 for each blend and 8 blank). (Make-and-take kit, roller and spray bottles, essential oils, and carrier oil not included.)

  • • "Wellness" Kit: Belly Blend, Black & Blue Blend, Breathe Easy Blend, Focus Blend, Hand Spray, Immune Boost, Muscle Blend, Open Airways Blend, Seasonal Blend, Skin Soothe Blend, Sleepy Time Blend.
  • • "Babies & Mamas" Kit: Blends for babies—Cool Baby, Sleepy Baby, Tiny Airways, Tiny Teeth, Tiny Tummy, and Tushy Spray. Blends for mamas—Calm Mama, Happy Mama, Mama Marks, Milk Mama, Tender Ta-Tas.
  • • "Kids" Kit: Cool Kiddo, Growing Kiddo, Happy Belly, Happy Ears, Happy Kiddo, Happy Nose, Healthy Kiddo, Homework Helper, Soothe and Ease, Sweet Dreams.
  • • "Mood Series" Kit: Five blends for releasing emotions—Fury, Grief, Sadness, Suffering, Worry. Five blends for embracing emotions—Clarity, Confidence, Gratitude, Harmony, Love.

Size: ½" diameter.

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