Folding Pill Wallet with Bags: Purple Plaid with Polka Dotted Lining

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This wallet carries handy pill bags for organizing a 2-week supply of supplements. Inside are 16 labeled pill bags in their corresponding slots—2 for each day of the week and 2 extra, unlabeled bags.

This purple plaid wallet includes handy pill bags for organizing your supplements. In the polka dotted lining are 16 labeled pill bags in their corresponding slots—each day of the week for 2 weeks—plus 2 extra, unlabeled bags. The wallet also has a large zippered pocket on the outside. A hook-and-loop fastener makes it easy to open and close. Pill bag refills are also available.

Note: These pill bags are not meant to hold capsules filled with essential oils. Essential oils will eventually melt through the capsules and leak into the bag.

Quantity: 1 folding pill wallet with 16 clear, zip-close bags: 14 labeled with the days of the week (for 2 weeks) and 2 unlabeled.

Size: Wallet Closed—1½" x 4¼" x 8"; Wallet Open—¼" x 8" x 16½"; Pill Bag—3½" x 3½".

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