"Progeny's Potions: A Make & Take Workshop Kit for Kids"

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The "Progeny's Potions: A Make & Take Workshop Kit for Kids" is a great place to start in planning a basic, introductory class. Topics include ear aches, allergies, stomach aches, mental focus, and much more.

If you want to get kids excited about using essential oils—and keep them healthier at the same time—this fantasy-themed kit will do the trick! Developed with a certified aromatherapist, "Progeny's Potions" presents 10 wellness blends made for babies and children from 3 months to 12 years of age: Defense Sorcery, Dream Spell, Ear Magic, Focus Power, Grow Elixir, Happy Brew, Head Potion, Nose Concoction, Seasonal Enchantment, and Tummy Tonic. Also, 2 bonus recipes are included: Skin Elixir and Tooth Tonic. (Dilution ratios: 3-24 months at a 0.5% dilution ratio, 2-6 years at a 1% dilution ratio and 6-12 years at a 2% dilution ratio.)

Your magic kit contains all the paper materials you need to host up to 10 people who can make up to 10 wellness blends: invitations, table tent recipe cards, recipe sheets, waterproof vial labels, and even children's coloring and activity pages. An 11th label set enables you to make up a sample set ahead of time for your guests to experience. A handy sheet of instructions and tips gives suggestions for conducting your class. Also, our Roll-on Vial Compact Hard Shell Travel Case holds the complete set of vials perfectly!

Suggested class organization: Charge a flat fee of $5 per blend or a bulk rate, such as 5 for $20. Have enough vials on hands for those who want to make multiples. Attendees new to oils might receive a free roll-on blend of their choice, such as a less expensive "Seasonal Enchantment" or "Tummy Tonic." Already enrolled guests could supply oils for themselves and new friends.

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)


  • • 20 - Postcard Invitations.
  • • 10 - Table Tent Recipe Cards.
  • • 10 - Recipe Sheets.
  • • 11 - Assorted Label Sheets (10 different labels per set).
  • • 10 - Progeny's Fun Pages (coloring and activities for children)
  • • 1 - Instructions & Tips Sheet.

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