#OverFlow, by Andrew and Cristy Jenkins, 2nd Edition

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"Our goal for our time together during the Overflow workshop . . . is to help you focus your efforts." In #OverFlow, Andrew and Cristy Jenkins focus on the concept of random effort versus concentrated effort. Their philosophy is that more effort is not necessarily better; rather, more effort in one direction is most effective.


  • • Effective leadership of classes (and what you should accomplish when teaching them).
  • • What to do when you get "stuck" and stop growing.
  • • 2 programs that will accelerate your business.
  • • Land mines versus launching pads (and how some scenarios can hinder you or accelerate you).
  • • Tricks and tips from the trenches (and saving time by not repeating the authors' mistakes).
  • • Leveraging the bonus structure of the compensation place to get paid more.
  • • Free resources that get you rolling.

Check out the "#OverFlow DVD" for a recorded session of this workshop.

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Pages: 90.

Size: 8½" x 11.


Andrew and Cristy Jenkins have been married and using natural remedies since 2001. They started using Young Living essential oils in 2013. After experiencing the benefits of these oils firsthand, they decided to build their business together. They have 9 children and love going on adventures as a family.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Classes
Chapter 2: Getting Paid
Chapter 3: Tax Issues
Chapter 4: Do and Don't
Chapter 5: 2 Programs
Chapter 6: Resources
Chapter 7: Follow Up
Chapter 8: Your Angle
Chapter 9: The Men
Chapter 10: Final Thought
Chapter 11: Next Steps


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