Oils of the Bible: A Look at God's Creation, by Joshua Graff, MAR

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This book is an exploration into the original Hebrew and Greek words for the plants from which these essential oils are distilled.


A Look at God's Creation.

In the Bible, plants were widely used for holy ceremonies, perfumes, health and wellness, cooking, building materials, and various other everyday needs. Many times these plants were in essential oil form and are the precursors and foundation for modern day essential oil use. Oils of the Bible: A Look at God's Creation is an exploration into the original Hebrew and Greek words for the plants from which these essential oils are distilled. Joshua Graff has brought to life the stories and events of the Bible that reveal how essential oils are intertwined in our history and give a glimpse of God's amazing creation and His love for His people.

"Joshua has combined the true context of oil usage in scripture with a common sense understanding of essential oils today. This is a great resource for anyone using oils to maintain personal wellness; a must-have book for my essential oils toolbox." —Dr. Billy Graff, PhD, President of I-Connect Outreach

"I found this book to be very informative. Being new to essential oil usage, learning about the connection between Biblical oils and modern day essential oils and their uses was very interesting to me. I highly recommend this book to any believer in the Messiah who seeks a greater understanding of the use of essential oils in the Bible." —Rabbi Mordecai Silver, PhD, Etx Chayim-Tree of Life Messianic Congregation, New Mexico

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Publication: 2019.

Pages: 159.

Binding: Softcover, perfect binding.

Size: 8½" x 5½".


Joshua Graff has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from East Texas Baptist University and a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. After serving as an associate pastor for over a decade and a brief stint in the US Navy Chaplaincy Candidate program, Joshua redirected his focus to help comfort others in their time of grief as a hospice chaplain for five years.

Joshua married his wife Sharon in April 2016 and has joined her in building a business with Young Living Essential Oils. Josh's passions include helping people live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, clean eating, and natural health, while also helping them grow in their spiritual life through Biblical principles of leadership, servanthood, and discipleship. He uses and highly recommends Young Living Essential Oils.

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