Feelings Oil Lock Preprinted Circle Labels: 1/2" for Sample Vials (96 Count)

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Top-quality circle labels have an innovative Oil Lock™ laminate that protects the label from oil damage. Color-coded to match the Young Living™ Feelings labels. The set includes 16 labels for each of 6 oil blends. Each label fits perfectly on a ¼, ⅝ or 1 dram essential oil sample vial; a 5, 10, or 15 ml essential oil vial; or a roll-on bottle.

Identify your oils easily with top-quality, preprinted labels that are color-coded to match the Young Living™ Feelings Kit labels. An innovative Oil Lock™ laminate keeps the print from smearing or fading. Apply labels to the tops of caps or the sides of bottles—our permanent adhesive keeps them in place. Suitable for vials ¼ dram and larger. Perfect for professional samples and for keeping your oils organized in a case or rack.

Oil Lock™ labels are also easy to store and transport. Each sheet has wide margins for hole punching and placing in a binder.

Quantity: 96 (16 for each of 6 oil blends).

Size: ½" diameter.

Feelings Labels:

  • Forgiveness™
  • Harmony™
  • Inner Child™
  • Present Time™
  • Release™
  • Valor®
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