LED Color Lamp: 12 Bulbs, 7 Color Filters

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Ideal for spectroscopy and color therapy applications; use this lamp to project different colors onto the body.

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This great lamp is ideal for color therapy applications. Color Therapy is simply the shining of specific colors or frequencies of light onto the body to assist healing. Color is like another form of nutrition that we assimilate through the skin. Each vitamin, herb and mineral has its own unique fingerprint of light that it emits when it has been burned at high temperatures. In science it is called spectroscopy, whereby a sample of material can be burned and the light analyzed to determine its exact chemical makeup. When we lack specific nutrients we can shine an appropriate color on the body to increase assimilation and effectiveness of the nutrient in the body. Color Therapy can be used to treat almost any condition or problem and shows obvious benefits in sometimes as little as an hour. Features a 12 watt bulb. Uses standard 115VAC power. (Usage outside the USA may require a power converter, which is not included.)

Quantity: 1 color lamp with a set of 7 therapeutic color filters (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink) and instructions. The color lamp is lit by 12 powerful LED bulbs that put out a pure white light with very little heat, so they last for thousands of hours.

Directions: In a darkened room, use the color lamp to project the desired color of light onto the body for 1 hour at a time with at least 2 hours between applications.

  • • If one has an acute or "hot"condition such as a fever, any one of the cool colors can be used. In most cases the fever will break in 1 hour.
  • • If a chronic or "cold" condition exists, a hot color should be used. In most cases use a specific schedule of several colors over 1–2 weeks.
  • • See Stanley Burroughs' Healing for the Age of Enlightenment for detailed explanations of how to use color therapy.

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