Mondo Bath Bomb Mold: Stainless Steel

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Product Description

Make your own professional-looking, large-size bath bomb with this sturdy, 2-piece, stainless steel mold. This mold creates a mondo bath bomb about 3" in diameter and weighing about 7½ oz.

To make a bath bomb, firmly press your mixture into each side of the mold, letting the mixture overflow a little bit out of each side. Pack both sides together. After pressing both sides together, gently slide the mold off and let the bath bomb air dry.

Quantity: 1 stainless steel bath bomb mold. (Note: Both mold halves are exactly the same size. They are not intended to lock together.)

Size: Each half: ~1½" x ~2¾".

Few things can make you feel as fresh and renewed as a relaxing and luxurious bath. These colorful bath bombs are full of therapeutic ingredients that will make you feel like new!

These bath bombs make great gifts for neighbors or for anyone who likes taking baths.


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