Twist-N-Roll Facial Hair Remover

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Product Description

Easily remove all those unwanted hairs from your upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck, forehead, and more—all with the Twist-N-Roll® tweezer coil!

Quantity: 1 tweezer coil.


  • • Place a hot towel on sensitive areas (especially upper lip) for 2 minutes before hair removal to open pores and soften skin.
  • • Bend the Twist-N-Roll tweezers into an upside down U shape and place the coil firmly against skin.
  • • Twist the handles outward (roll the thumbs in) to move the spring upward. Facial hair will be removed instantly.
  • • Avoid using on areas around the eyes.
  • • To clean: wipe up and down the spring with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • • To disinfect: spray rubbing alcohol on the cloth or paper towel before wiping the coils.


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