pH Balance

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  1. pH Test Paper Roll with Dispenser and Color Chart (15 ft.)

    SKU: 9805

    This test paper is well suited for in-vitro testing of pH levels for both urine and saliva.

  2. The Complete Master Cleanse, by Tom Woloshyn

    SKU: 9039

    Tom Woloshyn shares the the amazing results, helpful information, and insightful tips he has gained from coaching thousands of people on the best way to follow The Lemonade Diet. This book explains how and why cleansing can improve all aspects of your health.

  3. The Master Cleanser, by Stanley Burroughs

    SKU: 9041

    The most effective cleansing program available, <i>The Master Cleanser</i> will show you how to detoxify your body and simplify the correction of many disorders.

  4. Alkalize or Die, by Theodore A. Baroody, DC, ND, PhD

    SKU: 9043

    Learn how over-acidity in the body seriously affects all aspects of health. Backed by extensive research, this important book includes instructions for self-assessment and for correcting alkaline/acid imbalance.

4 Item(s)
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