Organic White Beeswax Pellets, 1 lb

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Beeswax is created by bees for building and capping honeycombs. The original yellow color has been naturally removed by exposure to air, sunlight, and moisture. Debris has been filtered from the final white product. This wax is great for adding structure and firmness to lip balms, massage sticks, creams, lotions, and other natural cosmetics and beauty items. It can also be used for making candles. Food grade.

Quantity: 1 lb. (16 oz.) organic white beeswax pellets.

Summer Shipping Notice: In hot weather, these pellets may melt during shipment. Ordering beeswax pellets during the summer months is at your own risk.

PLEASE NOTE: When receiving goods internationally, there may be a delay at customs for processing a shipment.

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Review by:
Nothing on label to certify product is organic.
(Posted on 1/19/2017)
Review by:
I have bought white beeswax numerous times from other companies and this is the highest quality. When I make a salve with it it doesn't cause me to break out as others that are also naturally filtered have done. (Posted on 1/18/2017)
Review by:
Love this as a base for chapstick
(Posted on 1/16/2017)
Review by:
These worked awesome in my project! For sure will be using the product again! (Posted on 1/13/2017)
Review by:
Awesome transaction and quick delivery!
(Posted on 1/12/2017)
Review by:
I loved your product exactly what I needed!!
However from the day I ordered it it took 3 days just to get it out of your warehouse then another 4 days to arrive. I live in Colorado and it was coming from Utah. I felt the speed of service was very slow and could use significant speed to get it faster out of your warehouse!!!! (Posted on 1/6/2017)
Review by:
Excellent product!
(Posted on 1/5/2017)
Review by:
Looks great. Will be using is shortly to make a batch of natural, chemical free deodorant. (Posted on 1/4/2017)
Review by:
Being a small business can be tough, especially when it comes to getting products we can offer our customers at a great price. Abundant health has the prices that transfer into great savings for our customers. We couldn't be happier to carry quality products at a price everyone can afford. Thank you for that! (Posted on 12/22/2016)
Review by:
Great product. (Posted on 12/21/2016)

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