"Green and Clean": Assorted Labels (10 Count)

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Need labels for our "Green and Clean" Recipe Tear Pad? These fit perfectly on 2 oz. spray bottles.

Need labels for the recipes on our "Green and Clean with Essential Oils" Tear Pad? This sheet of moisture-proof labels includes 1 label for each of 10 spray blends. These sheets are helpful if you want to hold multiple classes or give away sprays as gifts. The labels adhere securely to our 2 oz. spray bottles.

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Quantity: 10 different labels—Bedbugs, Glass & Window, Goo-Be-Gone, Leather, Linens, The Loo, Mold, Stains, Wood Polish, and Yoga Mat.

Size: 1¾" x 1¾".

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