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Below are some of the experiences that of our customers have had using essential oils. We appreciate their willingness to share their experiences with us and the world. Click on a subject below to read what they have to say.


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I have a large brown tabby cat that was limping bad so I took him to the vet, The vet said he had a knee injury (he compared it to a football player's injured knee-"Cruciate Ligament Rupture") and said it would need surgery. He wanted me to bring my cat back in a week to see his son (who is also a vet) to make arrangements for the surgery. Later, using V6 as my carrier oil and a couple drops of Young Living Lavender oil, I rubbed my cat from the bottom of the paw up to his hip area. The next day I could see an improvement, and by the time I took him back to the vet he was walking on his leg with only a slight limp. The vet said he would heal nicely on his own and there would be no need for surgery. Today he walks, runs and even is now jumping with no problems.
—Submitted by M. Rynicki (July, 2004)


I went to visit my son in Ft. Lauderdale, FL...and was also happy to see his dog, Luna, whom I’ve known for 7 years since she was a puppy. I could tell she was in pain, as she was not as active as usual and was limping. My son, Jason, told me that she is part German Shepherd-a breed that is prone to hip dysplasia. It broke my heart to see her in such pain. Jason had been giving her various vitamins and other supplements for several months, without much success. I myself have had success with Sulferzyme for an arthritic knee, and asked if he would like to try that for Luna. We began to give her 1/4 tsp. twice a day with her meals. Within two days, we began to see a change. My son was amazed ! As the two weeks passed while I was visiting, we saw a huge change. She was running like her old self, and you could sense that the pain was almost (if not totally) gone. Within a month, Jason told me that she was now even jumping up on furniture, which she was unable to do when we started with the Sulferzyme. That was 18 months ago, and Luna is still taking Sulferzyme...and still doing great!
—Submitted by Linda Griffith, Dixon, New Mexico (July, 2004)


I have a 21-year-old gelding who was diagnosed with "kidney colic" back in January. He would be down one day, up the next, down the next, up for several days, down again, etc. He would show all the general signs of colic but was also wanting to urinate frequently, passing little or nothing. This went on for about four weeks, and the vet thought he probably was trying to pass kidney stones. Since it was happening so often, I was wanting something to give him for the pain instead of using Banamine so much. I had used marjoram, clary sage and lavender successfully on an intestinal colic, so I tried them, but they just didn’t work as well on the kidneys. So I tried Juva Flex, and the results were dramatic! Four drops over each kidney, with or without a warm compress, would get him up and back to eating and drinking in 10-20 minutes. The pain-killing effects would last from 2-4 hours and seemed to be cumulative. After I had done this for two separate "episodes," the symptoms went away completely. I don’t know if the stones dissolved or he passed them, but he’s been pain free for six months.
—Submitted by Jan Early, Tallahassee, Florida (July, 2004)


I had a mare with colic last Christmas, and after having the vet examine her and determine that her situation wasn’t critical, I opted to try the essential oils for pain instead of using Banamine. I alternated marjoram, clary sage and lavender (4-5 drops on each flank), with warm compresses, every 2-4 hours. They took about 30 minutes to take effect each time, but they kept her comfortable for the next 12 hours until she was able to pass the impaction on her own.
—Submitted by Jan Early, Tallahassee, Florida (July, 2004)


One Saturday in February, my husband woke me up by yelling from the living room for me to bring my oils and any oil books I had at hand to him immediately. Our dog, Buddy, (a mutt from the pound, age approx. 7+ years) was lying on the floor and all of his muscles were completely seized up and tensed to the point where we couldn’t move any part of his body. I had most of my oils in my large case and the Higley reference guide at my side. I put 4 or 5 drops of lavender oil in my husband's hand and he put that on Buddy’s paws, ears and all over his back and legs, anywhere he was tense that we could reach. We followed the lavender with Peace and Calming, Valor and frankincense applied the same way. Those four were the oils I was drawn to by instinct. We massaged him and continued to stroke and pet him during and after the application of oils and after about 10 minutes he was able to get up and to the door to go outside and run around. In between applying oils I looked up the info on animals as well as the info on seizures and strokes ( we weren’t sure what kind of episode he was having), just to make sure my instincts were near to on target (which they were). We had plans to travel about an hour out of town to visit with family, and kept Buddy with us the whole day just to be sure he was ok. When I tell this story to non - YL people they tell me about how their dog(s) had seizures and had to be put on steroids and eventually put down because of the seizures. I am very thankful for YL and the oils that allowed me to go the natural route for the care of our dog.
—Submitted by A. Cornn, Machesney Park, Illinois (July, 2004)




I love to use Joy, but for some people, the scent is too strong. What is a beautiful smell is adding a drop or 2 of lemon oil to the Joy blend! It’s a wonderful perfume. If you want the blend to last longer and cool you off for the summer, fill a small spray bottle with distilled water and 10 drops of Joy, 2 drops of Lemon. I like to spray it on after I shower.
—Submitted by Nancy Dutton (July, 2004)

This has worked for my tendonitis and for several other people I have given it to.
In a 15 ml amber glass bottle I mix the following Young Living Essential Oils:
3 drops helichrysum
3 drops pepper
3 drops Bergamot
3 drops Geranium
5 drops Idaho Balsam
5 drops Lemon Grass
3 drops Hyssop
3 drops Blue Tansy
3 drops Pine
3 drops Myrtle
Then I fill the bottle with V-6 Mixing Oil
This is applied to the area where the pain is and followed with a layer of Peppermint oil. This can be done several times per day. If a sensitivity develops, stop using it for a few weeks.
—Submitted by J.S., West Saint Paul, Minnesota (July, 2004)




I have suffered large boils on the tops of my legs for about 30 years and nobody could help me get rid of them. Last fall I counted 12 boils. I started using Lavender and did a master lemonade cleanse. On the third day, my boils opened and ran freely. This was in January of this year. Now I only occasionally get them and they are many times smaller than before. I know if I continue the regime they will eventually leave altogether.
—Submitted by K. Ernst (July, 2004)


My husband was bitten by a spider on his stomach. The bite swelled with a large blister and it itched terribly. I used Young Living Lavender oil- about a drop-on the area. In about 4 hours my husband asked for another application of the "magic oil". My husband has an allergy and reacts to any type of a bite-he usually has to go to the Dr. and get shots and prescriptions.
—Submitted by Mary Rynicki (July, 2004)

My husband was stung by a wasp last year on the inside of the hand. He removed the stinger and asked me to put something on it. I put Purification on it, and the itching stopped. After his shower that evening, I put Purification on it again. The next morning, you couldn’t see or even tell that he’d been stung. I’ve also put Purification on coworkers who have had mosquito/bug bites that itched. After the Purification went on the bites, the itching stopped.
—Submitted by Christie Krajewski, Batesville, Arkansas (July, 2004)

My friend’s eight month old little boy had a ringworm the size of a quarter on his head. After putting lavender neat on it several times it started to go away and after a few more times it was gone altogether. Shortly after that he got a tick in his head and by putting peppermint right on the back of the tick that nasty thing backed right out. I guess he could not breath—whatever it was, it got the tick out without us trying to pull it out and perhaps getting only part of the critter out. Young Living oils—the best!!
—Submitted by V. Frierdich, Overland Park, Kansas (July, 2004)



Our waitress had burned her hand on hot chili. She had a large blister on her middle finger and her palm was red and she was holding it against her body avoiding use. I put a drop of lavendula angustifolia on it. She rated the pain at a level 8 on a scale of 0-10 (10 being most painful). She walked away to pour coffee and came back within minutes. I asked her how it felt and she said it no longer hurt. One week later I saw her again and there was no trace of burn or blister on her hand.
—Submitted by Barbara Lemke, Watertown, Wisconsin (July, 2004)

A friend of mine received 2nd degree burns to face, ear, neck and shoulder when a fire flashed back at him while burning trash. His wife put on the sample of Young Living lavender oil that I had given her. She ran out of the oil and called me in panic for some more. I took a new bottle over to her that I had on hand and she applied the oils to all the burned areas of his skin. I had also read in my EODR [Essential Oils Desk Reference] book about making sure that they don’t get dehydrated after getting burned, so he drank plenty of water. He ended up going to the doctor the following day. The doctor was amazed that the burns looked like they were in the process of healing. He went back in a couple of weeks, after applying the lavender oil everyday and the doctor could not believe how well and fast they had healed up. His wife had taken pictures right after the accident with the fire and now 2 months later you can hardly see where he had been burned. He was a little skeptical about putting the oil on his body, but today he is a believer in Young Living oils. His wife ordered the Golden Touch 1 kit and also applied Young Living Melrose oil blend to the burn to help the healing process.
—Submitted by Linda Hitzeman, Owasso, Oklahoma (July, 2004)




My husband works at an elementary school as a LAN technician. Last spring the secretaries union went on strike for 2 weeks. All the other unions in the school district, in a show of support for the secretaries, forbade any of their members helping out with the secretarial duties. That left 3 people in my husband’s school (my husband included) who were not union and able to attempt to keep the school running normally. After his first day of secretarial duties he brought in a travel diffuser soaked in Peace and Calming, to help calm the kids who were sent to the office because they were trouble makers in their classes as well as to keep himself calm. He still is not sure who the Peace and Calming helped more (him or the kids), but the rest of the 2 weeks were less stressful thanks to the Peace and Calming.
—Submitted by A. Cornn, Machesney Park, Illinois (July, 2004)

When my mother who has Alzheimer’s came to live with us, she didn’t sleep at night but was up cleaning out drawers, slamming doors and being generally noisy all night. We were introduced to Young Living Oils and started putting Peace and Calming in a cool mist vaporizer 3-4 times during the day in the living area where she spent her time. In two weeks, she began sleeping ALL NIGHT!!! We’ve continued using a variety of oils (Lavender, Brain Power, Lemon, Clarity) and she is now in better health than she’s been in 20 years. She still has Alzheimer’s but her mood is mostly stabilized.
—Submitted by E. Pinar (July, 2004)



Aloha! I have been using Essential Oil for many years, resulting in many amazingly wonderful results. One of the best took place when a dear friend, was being consumed by cancer, she was in stage 4 for 4 years-amazing in itself. RC and Frankincense were used the most. When she was put into the hospice, with only days left, the oils were still used and she remained in the hospice for another year and a half. Others at the hospice got sick with colds and flu, including the workers, but my friend never got any of the passing bugs...amazing to say the least but a true testimonial to the anti-viral and anti-biotic effects of the oils.
—Submitted by Yvonne Vnuk-Nielsen, Kailua, Hawaii (July, 2004)


Buttered Basil Garlic Melt
1 loaf cheese bread or any artisan bread, cut into 1 inch slices
1/2 stick butter
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
4 drops Basil Essential oil
Sliced mozzarella cheese
Melt butter then add Garlic powder and stir well. Add Basil oil, mix well. Using a large unused paint brush, brush on butter mixture until saturated. Cover sliced bread with slices of cheese and bake at 350 until golden brown. Yummmmmie! Even my Baby loved it.
—Submitted by Jill Burk, Saginaw, Michigan (July, 2004)



Iced Cassia Latte
1 shot espresso coffee
1 teaspoon sweetener of choice ( I use summer sweet)
1 cup milk or milk substitute
1 drop Cassia
1 teaspoon real vanilla flavoring
dash of cinnamon
Place sweetener and vanilla in cup and pour espresso in and mix well. Add milk and ice and mix well. Add one drop of Cassia essential oil and stir, you may have to add more ice. Top with sprinkled cinnamon.
—Submitted by Jill Burk, Saginaw, Michigan (July, 2004)

Lemon tarragon dressing
1 tablespoon fresh tarragon diced, or dried 1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon fresh or 1 teaspoon dried basil leaves
1 cup Organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
dash of Pepper
dash of red pepper
6 drops lemon essential oil
Mix well and drizzle on salad or fish or anything! Keep unused portion in fridge.
—Submitted by Jill Burk, Saginaw, Michigan (July, 2004)



Cream Cheese Icing
8oz cream cheese
1 1/2 cups of pwd. sugar
1 stick butter
3 drops of Tangerine Oil
Cream very well the cream cheese, pwd. sugar, and butter with electric beater. Stir in the Tangerine oil.
—Submitted by Ellie Ayers (July, 2004)

Tomato Salad
3 Tbls. olive oil
3 tbls. apple cider vinegar
1 tbls. raspberry Vinegar
1 tbls of maple syrup
1 clean toothpick half dipped into garlic essential oil
1 drop of basil essential oil
1/4 teas. sea salt
1 large onion, sliced very thinly then diced.
5 large tomatoes, cut into small sections.
1/2 red pepper, cored and freed of seeds, sliced in small pieces
1/2 green pepper, cored and freed of seeds, sliced in small pieces.
2 large cucumbers, scrubbed and diced.
1/4 cup of chopped black olives.
Mix first seven ingredients and set aside. Prepare the vegetables, place into a glass serving dish. Remove the toothpick before adding the liquid mixture to the vegetables, cover. Let the flavors blend together in the refrigerator for about an hour before serving.
—Submitted by R.T., Randolph, Wisconsin
(July, 2004)


Last December, my husband cut his hand bad enough to need stitches while he was extracting coconut from its shell. My husband refused to go get stitches, so I washed his profusely bleeding wound and put Purification on it. We couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, and I didn’t have any Helichrysum or Clove at the time, so I also put Joy on it, primarily to get some Rose, Rosewood, and Palmarosa into the wound. The bleeding finally stopped even though the wound continued to sting. I may have even put some Melrose on it too. The day after the "accident" occurred, my husband had a "wound specialist" in his rehab office "clean" the wound. He says they only used saline solution and "ointment" to clean it the one time. During the next 2 weeks, I continued to put Purification and Joy on the wound, mostly at night before bedtime. By the end of the 2nd week, the wound had almost completely closed without needing stitches!!! I took a picture of my husband’s hand the 2nd or 3rd day after the accident occurred. Now when you look at his hand, all you see is a small line. No gap or indentation. From my experience w/ my husband’s hand wound, I’m convinced that the presence of Rose, Rosewood, and Palmarosa in Joy has helped in the healing of his skin.
—Submitted by Christie Krajewski, Batesville, Arkansas (July, 2004)

My husband, Tom, was taking apart a rabbit cage and the roof with the nails poking through fell on his hand and punctured it. Blood was dripping everywhere and he was becoming sick with pain and weakness. He applied pressure to the wounds but it still bled until I applied lavender and Pan Away. Before our very eyes it immediately stopped bleeding. It did swell up, but he kept applying lavender and Pan Away and it would take away the pain and bring the swelling down. It was healed in a matter of three days without a trip to the doctor. We feel so blessed to have oils on hand to treat emergencies like this one.
—Submitted by Diana Wolford, Olive Branch, Mississippi (July, 2004)

One Sunday morning I tripped and rammed my foot into a dirty pair of grass clippers, cutting my 4th toe at the base where it joins my foot. I washed it out as best I could with hydrogen peroxide, and then applied lavender oil and a bandage, and went on to church. When I came home, I kept my foot elevated and applied more lavender oil throughout the day. My friend looked at my wound and commented that it wasn’t just a gash, it was punctured. That evening I also applied clove oil, along with the lavender oil. I slept with it un-bandaged, and then bandaged it during the day while I was at work. I applied the oils morning and night. I had no infection, and by the following Sunday evening, it was almost totally healed. My friend who looked at it again was amazed, and she’s an EMT!
—Submitted by C. Ness, Rapid City, South Dakota (July, 2004)

We were on a family vacation one week prior to a large family gathering and wedding. My son was to be a ring barer. While paying outside in the dark, my three-year-old son fell face first into a sidewalk made of various size rocks and gravel. He had rocks and dirt embedded in his nose and forehead. I immediately cleaned his wounds with water and lavender oil. Not only did the smell of the lavender calm him, but it also assured me that I was effectively disinfecting the wounds. After the bleeding stopped and he eventually fell asleep, I applied more lavender and topped it off with Animal Scents ointment. Each morning and evening, I’d apply more lavender and top it off with the Animal Scents Ointment and by Thursday before the wedding, his face was wound and scab free. Everything healed beautifully. He has no scars and looks like nothing ever happened to him-just 6 days ago! I’m thankful that I had my oils with me and this event has produced new "oilers" in our family!
—Submitted by Sharon Fadale, Torrence, California (July, 2004)


I had an abscess tooth. The dentist and the specialist he referred me to insisted I need a root canal. I used 3 to 4 drops of Thieves in a glass of water to gargle with. Then I used a mixture of half thieves and half olive oil and rubbed this on both side of my gums in the infected area. I then used the Dentarome Plus toothpaste. It has been 2 months and my mouth is fine.
—Submitted by K. Ernst (July, 2004)

My husband has very cavity prone teeth that have needed much dental work in the past 5 years. He has been going in for cleanings every 3 months. His dentist had once prescribed a special mouth wash that was supposed to help his decaying teeth. He didn’t use the mouthwash regularly enough to see any improvement. About a year ago, he started using Dentarome Plus toothpaste instead of the brand he had been using from the local grocer. That was the only change he made to his dental hygiene routine. At his cleaning in March, his dentist wanted to know what he was doing differently, because his x-rays showed no dental work needed to be done and they didn’t have to work as hard to polish his teeth. He told them that all he changed was the toothpaste he was using. They wanted to know if it had fluoride in it, because to be any good (in their eyes) it must have fluoride in it; he brushed them off not wanting to get into the dangers of fluoride with them that day. Then at his cleaning just last week, the dentist had to look at his x-rays twice as well as call on two other colleagues to look at his x-rays to be sure that nothing was being missed because they could not find any thing that needed to be fixed. They also told him to come back in six months ( instead of 3 ) for his next cleaning. Now, if I could only get him to use the Fresh Essence Plus mouthwash...
—Submitted by A. Cornn, Machesney Park, Illinois (July, 2004)


I have had glaucoma for several years and have had my eye drop prescription changed numerous times because of rising pressure. I used a mixture of one third clove, one third lemon and one third olive oil and rubbed it on my face above and below eyes. The last time I was at the doctor, my pressure was 14. It was the lowest pressure I have had since I was diagnosed.
—Submitted by K. Ernst (July, 2004)



One Sunday after church a friend commented that I looked "exhausted." I thought that strange because I had gotten a good night’s sleep. I walked over to a meeting for a mission trip I would be participating in, and an hour later I started getting a headache and felt something happening to my throat. About 30 minutes later I knew I was coming down with the flu as the headache and sore throat intensified and I started feeling shaky. Fortunately I had Peppermint, Oregano and Thieves in my truck, and as soon as I got in, I rubbed several drops of Oregano on my feet, rubbed Thieves on my neck and throat, and put several drops of Peppermint in my water and started drinking it. By the time I got home the headache and sore throat had lessened. That evening and for the next several days I took by capsule a combination of Lemon, Mountain Savory and Oregano three times a day. While I could tell my body was fighting an infection (as indicated by my desire to take naps), the oils completely stopped the flu in its tracks and the headache and sore throat never returned.
Submitted by Kevin Dunn, Los Angeles, California (July, 2004)



My husband has been bothered by migraine headaches for much of his adult life. Doctors have treated this condition with various medications-all with their own bag of side-effects. so one day I decided to have him try oil of peppermint, a drop on each temple. To his amazement the headache was gone in seconds and the cooling feel of the peppermint gave him a feeling of energy and revitalization.
—Submitted by Kathleen Mueller, Menomonee Falls, WI (July, 2004)



I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for a little over a year now. Since then, my health has improved somewhat. I decided to stop using birth control pills on Labor Day of 2003, due to being sick from them most of the time and wanting to try something else. I started putting Endoflex on the bottom of my feet on the endocrine reflex areas. I also continued receiving colonics twice a month and eating cultured vegetables. Between the Endoflex, colonics, and cultured vegetables, my periods have become more regular and less painful. A friend of mine who’s also using Endoflex on her feet has said that her hot flashes have stopped since she’s been using Endoflex.
—Submitted by Christie Krajewski, Batesville, Arkansas (July, 2004)




My daughter, Haley, at age 18 was ill one Sunday, and later in the evening was feeling quite worse. When we checked, she had a fever of 105 degrees. I filled a gel capsule with 10 drops of Clove oil and had her take it with some water. In 1/2 an hour I checked her temperature again and it was down to 102. I gave her 5 more drops in another capsule and in another 1/2 hour, her fever was totally gone!! (I am so grateful to have these oils. It saves us so much misery, and money, too! I refuse to go to the doctor if I can take care of something with my oils!!!)
—Submitted by Sally Donahue, Wilsonville, Oregon (July, 2004)

When my friend contracted the West Nile virus from a mosquito bite last summer, her neck became stiff, and she had swelling in her ears and behind her ears at the base of her brain. She was in great pain and her ears felt "full" all of the time. We applied an oil blend from Young Living Oils called Thieves. She placed the oil at the base of her head and down both sides of her neck and jaw area. This gave her relief from the intense pain in her neck and reduced the swelling in her ears and head. She also drank a couple of drops of the Thieves oil blend in fluids several times a day. She continued doing this for at least a month while she fought this disease. We both agree this probably kept her from more serious complications due to the severity of the illness. We also believe it kept her out of the hospital.
—Submitted by C. Ness, Rapid City, South Dakota (July, 2004)

The first few weeks that my daughter attended college she came down with strep and mono. She was out of state so she went to the local medical facility for treatment which consisted of several prescriptions for antibiotics for the first 30 days. Finally the doctor called us to come and pick her up because she was so sick she could not eat or drink. She had a rash all over her body from a reaction to the last batch of antibiotics. We were more than ready to pick her up since she refused to be brought home earlier. After she was ready to go off of the prescriptions which took a day, I started to bath her in oils. For a total of 6 days I applied oils. She was able to eat and drink by the third day. She went back to college on the 6th day 80% better. The doctor called two weeks later, confusing me when she asked how my daughter was doing. I told her that I had used essential oils and she was back in school. The doctor abruptly ended the conversation. The following oils were all therapeutic grade, organic oils. I have written down exactly what I did. The oils I used were Valor, oregano, thyme, thieves, peppermint, Believe, RC, Raven, Longevity, Melrose, Di-Tone, Juva Flex, Exodus, eucalyptus globulus, and melaleuca alternifolia. These oils were used over the 6 day period and if she was not so ill I would not have been so free with oil application. I did muscle test her to see what she needed when. The 2nd day and the 3rd day I facilitated a Raindrop on her with a couple of the oils already mentioned added.
Submitted by Barbara Vissers, Jenison, Michigan (July, 2004)




I used a combination of Lavender and Frankincense on a new mole that grew in with a very crusty surface. By the time I was able to have an appointment with my doctor it had totally disappeared.
—Submitted by Judi Arndt, Colorado Springs, Colorado (July, 2004)

I had a granular type of mole on my back and a small skin tag on my neck. I decided to put Thieves on them about twice a day. It did cause some skin irritation, and every couple days I would stop for a couple days. After several weeks, they dried up and fell off and have not returned.
—Submitted by Ronalyn Akcadogan (July, 2004)




I am a nursing mother and have used geranium and helichrysum applied neat to my nipples followed by Animal Scents Ointment to combat thrush, and have used Animal Scents Ointment to help treat sore nipples, heal diaper rash and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
—Submitted by A. Cornn, Machesney Park, Illinois (July, 2004)



I started using Young Living’s Essential Oils this past year and I LOVE the success I have had using them for stomach pain and muscle pains.
—Submitted by Caroline Rood, Toledo, Ohio (July, 2004)

Every fall when the weather is hot, then cold, then hot, then cold here in Florida, I get chest pains that my doctor has characterized as Charlie horses in the deep muscles of my chest. Unlike a leg or foot muscle, you can’t massage these or walk to stretch them, so there was nothing to do but "endure" these annoying episodes, which sometimes lasted for two hours. One night I woke up with this chest pain, and as I lay there thinking about what I could do for it, I remembered the instant results I had had with Aroma Siez on other people’s leg cramps. So I got up and rubbed a few drops of Aroma Siez on my chest, and the pain went away in about 10 minutes!
—Submitted by Jan Early, Tallahassee, Florida (July, 2004)

I was about 8 1/2 hours into a 10 hour roundtrip drive and my back started to seize up. I have an old muscle injury and I knew I was in trouble. I had my oils on the seat next to me and grabbed my Panaway at a stoplight and poured it in my hand. I was in a hurry. I had planned on putting on about 5 drops, but the oil was warm and I think I ended up with about 20 in my hand. Rather than waste it, I put it all on my lower back and sat back in my seat. Within a few minutes my spine did a complete correction starting at the base and going up to the back of my head. I felt each click as it ran up my spine. Needless to say, my back no longer hurt and I had no stiffness when I finally got out of the car!
—Submitted by Andrea Safford, Warrenton, Virginia (July, 2004)

I had suffered for 32 years with massive fibrocystic breast lumps, so painful that I could not even hug my children when they were young. I took vitamin E during those years which seemed to help. Then I heard about the research done on therapeutic grade essential oils and breast cancer. I stopped using deodorants with aluminum. I also mixed 40 drops of frankincense essential oil with 4oz pure Apricot Oil and applied this mixture under my arms during the day as oft en as I would think about it. Every night before I went to bed, I applied 4-5 drops each of frankincense and lavender to both breasts. A little over 4 weeks later, all fibroid lumps, pain and tenderness were completely gone and have not returned.
—Submitted by Ann Gaither, Corpus Christi, Texas (July, 2004)

I was in a pitiful state. I had not been able to work for 5 years, lived on disability insurance, and then welfare. I depended on pharmaceuticals for pain management and depression. My social schedule consisted of doctor appointments and rest periods. I had been diagnosed with herniated disks and then fibromyalgia. I was a textbook case with all the symptoms and treatments which helped temporarily but didn’t get rid of anything. Then a wonderful friend talked me into coming to see her to receive the Raindrop Technique. At first, I received the Raindrop Technique once a week for about 6 weeks, then once every other week, then once a month. After the first few sessions, I was feeling so very much better. Then I noticed that I would forget to take my medications and was doing just fine without them. After a while, I did not need to take anything anymore.
—Submitted by Pam Jones, Benton, Arkansas (July, 2004)

Mom had worn a narcotic pain patch for the past two years for her "chronic back pain" due to osteoarthritis, spurring of the spine, and numerous back surgeries. By using PanAway, we were able to discontinue the pain patch. We continued to alternate PanAway with Wintergreen, Peppermint, Clove and V-6 oil to her back and feet with warm compresses once or twice a day as needed for complete relief. Six weeks after she started receiving weekly Raindrop massages, she no longer complained of back pain. She continues to receive weekly or bi-weekly Raindrop massages, and it’s been 6 months since she has complained of back pain! Praise God!
—Submitted by E. Pinar (July, 2004)



Recently I got Poison Ivy/Oak for the first time. I looked in my "Reference Guide for Essential Oils" and decided to use Melrose on my poison ivy. The itching would stop for about 5 minutes and start up again. I decided to put Purification on, which stopped the itching for maybe an hour or two and then would start up again. Getting desperate I used Joy and sometimes Harmony (since I had more Harmony) on the poison ivy. The itching would stop for most of the day and I would forget about having poison ivy. I didn’t start the Harmony and Joy until about 3 or 4 days into the poison ivy flare up, but it’s now the 6th day and I’m not itching unless I take a shower or sweat profusely. From my experience with my poison ivy, I’m convinced that the presence of Rose, Rosewood, and Palmarosa in Joy and Harmony, have all helped in the healing of our "skin conditions". I plan to stock up on Harmony and Joy for future needs.
—Submitted by Christie Krajewski, Batesville, Arkansas (July, 2004)




I carry cypress because if I cough I put a little right on the tickle spot on my throat and the cough is gone.
—Submitted by Sandra Skillicorn (July, 2004)

My 18 year old daughter has had respiratory problems for years and finally the doctors put her on inhalers. These helped, but she did not like the way they made her feel. Soon after I started using therapeutic grade essential oils we began using them on her. After a few weeks she was off her inhalers and has never needed them since. She has, however, had the occasional upper respiratory infection, which in the past has always led to a bout with bronchitis and several months of coughing. Now, we apply oils and the infection goes away without bronchitis ever showing up. This has saved vacations and more! We apply the oils to her chest, back and feet twice a day. The oils we use are: Hyssop, Myrrh, and two Young Living blends - RC and Raven.
—Submitted by Lauren Martin (July, 2004)

It seems that because we live in the South there is a lot of "stuffy noses" in the spring and fall. When I have a client in my business complaining of these types of symptoms, I offer them some oils to sniff for relief. I offer a drop of peppermint first then a drop of RC blend, then if they have used the word "infection" I offer a drop of Thieves blend. I offer one drop of each in the palm of their hand, one at a time, then I show them how to stir 3 times and cup their hands over the nose and inhale deeply each oil. They are always amazed at the immediate relief.
—Submitted by Pam Jones, Benton, Arkansas (July, 2004)




My friend’s eight month old little boy had a ringworm the size of a quarter on his head. After putting lavender neat on it several times it started to go away and after a few more times it was gone altogether. Shortly after that he got a tick in his head and by putting peppermint right on the back of the tick that nasty thing backed right out. I guess he could not breath--whatever it was, it got the tick out without us trying to pull it out and perhaps getting only part of the critter out. Young Living oils--the best!!
—Submitted by V. Frierdich, Overland Park, Kansas (July, 2004)

For years, I had been troubled with an actinic keratosis on the back of my hand. It had been caused by excessive sun exposure when I was younger. Farmers often get them on their foreheads. My dermatologist said there was no way to get rid of it - unless I wanted to freeze it off with liquid nitrogen. He didn’t want to do that because it was over 1/2 inch in diameter and would have made a hole in my hand. The growth continued to bother me. It was red, scaly, and itchy. One day, in desperation, I put some "Thieves" blend on it. The Thieves seemed to make it feel better so I continued to apply it once a day. It is now several months later and the growth has almost disappeared. I intend to continue using Thieves on it until it is gone. It doesn’t bother me anymore and the redness and itching have disappeared. Just thought you might like to know.
—Submitted by Judy Brown, Geneva, New York (July, 2004)




My daughter was complaining of a sore throat. I put a drop of lavendula angustifolia in a glass of water and had her gargle. She rated her sore throat at a (4) out of a scale of 0 no pain to 10 very painful. She gargled three times with the lavender water. She left to run her errands. She called me ten minutes later that her sore throat was gone.
—Submitted by Barbara Lemke, Watertown, Wisconsin (July, 2004)




My niece came to me in a panic. She had been at the beach all day and acquired a nasty sunburn on her face, chest, and arms. She was planning to go to a fancy party the next day and decided that she absolutely could not go to the party unless the sunburn was gone. I immediately applied a layer of lavender oil, followed a few minutes later by a layer of peppermint oil. The next day to her amazement the sunburn had vanished and she was able to enjoy her party.
—Submitted by J.S., Florida (July, 2004)




I had developed a fungus on my big toenails. The fungus was bad enough that the white, thick toenail was making shoes painful. I went to a podiatric doctor. The doctor removed the inside edge of the left big toenail down to the nail bed. He then prescribed some medicine that was $80 a tube to get rid of the rest. It continued to get worse and was spreading all over the nails and was headed for the rest of the nail beds. I decided to use Animal Scents Ointment on my toes 3 times a day. Now my nails are normal and the thickness is gone.
—Submitted by K. Ernst (July, 2004)




My son had a really big wart on his hand and I started using Lavender and Melrose and it seemed to help. Then I decided to try something new. I used Melrose, Purification, Thieves, Clove—one drop each—and rubbed them in one by one, and within a few days the wart was gone. I was so impressed and happy!
—Submitted by Caroline Rood, Toledo, Ohio (July, 2004)

In late October of last year, Cathy brought her 15 year old daughter to see me for massage therapy. Amanda was dealing with a huge planter’s wart grown deep into the ball of her foot. She was dealing with a great deal of pain with every step, and Cathy was planning to make an appointment for her to see a medical doctor. Cathy also suffered from these warts and had undergone months of treatment at her doctor's office having them repeatedly cut and burned with liquid nitrogen. She was also told you could never get rid of them. I suggested that Amanda rub essential oil of oregano on the infected area which Amanda did diligently each day, covering it with a bandage. They were amazed that the wart had completely disappeared in 6 weeks and has had no recurrence of the virus. Amanda’s only complaint was she got tired of going to school every day smelling like a pizza.
—Submitted by Ellie Ayers (July, 2004)

My 9 year old son, at the time of removal, had a seed wart located on his right hand, inside his index finger probably the size in diameter of an eraser tip. Being right handed, as you can image made it difficult to write, not to mention that the wart hurt. We had a scheduled appointment with his pediatrician, and during this visit I ask that she have the wart removed, the process of removal, freezing. Needless to say the removal process was both painful and would take at least two more visit s for complete removal, at $120.00 each. When we got in the car my son had been crying quietly and looked at me and said, no more please! At this point we both agreed we would find and more gentle method of removal. When we got home I started a procedure of applying Tea Tree Oil to the wart, three times a day, covering during the day and airing at night for two weeks. The evening application of tea tree oil was applied after he had bathed and the wart was both soft and porous, allowing for grater absorption. On the third week we applied Frankincense three times a day, same procedure covering during the day, and allowing it to breath during the nights rest for one week. Within a three week period the wart was removed and has not returned. Connor is now 11 yrs. of age.
** Please note prior to applying the oil treatment each time, you must file/scrape the surface of the wart with an emery/file before applying oils. The wart surface will be porous and soft after being covered all day, and after bathing in the evening.
—Submitted by D. Whitley, Denton, Texas (July, 2004)