Aroma-ball Necklace: Small, Round

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Product Description

This lovely necklace is a fashionable way to diffuse your favorite essential oils all day! The decorative, hinged, metal cage holds 2 aroma-balls. Simply apply 1–2 drops of essential oil onto aroma-balls and place them in the locket. Each necklace comes 12 aroma-balls in various colors. Mix and match the aroma-balls or scents for a fun way to adorn your wardrobe!

Quantity: 1 silver-tone pendant and chain, plus 12 aroma-balls.

Size: Pendant—1" x ½"; Chain—20½" length; Aroma-Balls—⅝" diameter.

Directions: Take the locket off the chain and open it up. Apply 1–2 drops of essential oil to the aroma-balls and wait for the oil to absorb. Place aroma-balls in the locket, close the clasp, and restring the pendant. Replenish with oil as desired.


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