Personal Diffuser: Fidget Fuser

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Product Description

Stay focused, curb boredom, and relieve stress—all while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy! This long-spinning Fidget Fuser™ diffuses oils to help you stay focused throughout the day. Place aroma balls in the hole on the outside of the spinner, add 1–2 drops of essential oil to each ball, and spin away. Give Fidget Fusers™ as door prizes at your next class or for your next social media giveaway. Kids of all ages will love to spin their oils!

Differentiate your favorite oils and blends with a variety of colored aroma balls!

Quantity: 1 Fidget Fuser™ and 3 white aroma balls.

Directions: Place 3 aroma balls in the 3 holes on the outside of the Fidget Fuser™. Add 1–2 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend to each aroma ball. Spin!


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