"Chakras, Crystals, and Essential Oils": Waterproof Assorted Labels (10 Count)

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This sheet comes with 1 label each for 10 roll-on blends. Labels fit perfectly on 10 ml roll-on vials. Great for classes and gifts!

Get the labels for the blends featured on our "Chakras, Crystals, and Essential Oils" Recipe Tear Pad. This sheet of 10 labels comes with 1 label each for the 10 roll-on blends. It is perfect if you want to hold additional classes or give away multiple vials of blends for gifts. The labels repel both water and oil. They adhere securely to our 10 ml roller bottles. (Our Roll-on Clutch holds up to 10 roll-on vials.)

Quantity: 10 labels—1 for each recipe: Brow, Crown, Earth Star, Heart, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Soul Star, Throat, and Zeal Point.

Size: 1¾" x 1¾".

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