The Shelf (Holds 15 Vials)

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A unique display system to organize and protect your essential oils from tipping and leaking.

The Shelf is a unique display system to organize, display, and protect your essential oils. By holding vials at an angle, the grooved aluminum makes bottles easy to see and prevents them from tipping and leaking. The entire system stores up to 15 vials (15 ml size) and comes with 3 separate units that connect front-to-back or side-by-side. You can arrange different configurations in a drawer, on the counter, or at your desk. The set also includes 6 micro-suction pieces to help keep units in place.

Quantity: 1 shelf system in 3 units with 6 micro-suction pieces.

Features: Holds 15 vials up to 15 ml in size.

Size: 1 unit—1½" x 3½" x 6"; 3 units front-to-back—1½" x 6" x 9½".

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