DVD: #OverFlow Training, by Andrew and Cristy Jenkins, 2nd Edition

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"Our goal for our time together during the Overflow workshop . . . is to help you focus your efforts." In #OverFlow, Andrew and Cristy Jenkins focus on the concept of random effort versus concentrated effort. Their philosophy is that more effort is not necessarily better; rather, more effort in one direction is most effective.


  • • Effective leadership of classes (and what you should accomplish when teaching them).
  • • What to do when you get "stuck" and stop growing.
  • • 2 programs that will accelerate your business.
  • • Land mines versus launching pads (and how some scenarios can hinder you or accelerate you).
  • • Tricks and tips from the trenches (and saving time by not repeating the authors' mistakes).
  • • Leveraging the bonus structure of the compensation place to get paid more.
  • • Free resources that get you rolling.

Check out the #OverFlow book for a written guide of this workshop!

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Quantity: DVD training presentation in 3 discs, plus 1 bonus disc.

Running time: 3 hours.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Classes
Chapter 2: Getting Paid
Silver Club
Chapter 3: Tax Issues
Chapter 4: Do and Don't
Chapter 5: 2 Programs
Chapter 6: Resources
Chapter 7: Follow Up
Chapter 8: Your Angle
Chapter 9: The Men
Chapter 10: Final Thought
Chapter 11: Next Steps
Drive to Win


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