Paper Hole Punch: Sample Vials (1/4 and 5/8 dram)

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Product Description

Attaching vials to your samples cards and making crafts is a cinch with this handy, mini hole punch! To assemble your sample cards, simply punch the card or paper you would like to share and attach a ¼ dram or ⅝ dram sample vial. Works with all kinds of paper, including card stock. Locks for safe use and storage.

Size: ¾" x 1" x 2½".

Directions: Punch the sample card or brochure you would like to share. Remove the cap from the sample vial, insert the neck through the hole, and replace the cap. Try turning the punch upside down for more accurate cuts.

"This hole punch is the perfect size for attaching sample bottles (1/4 dram and 5/8 dram sizes) to any paper product. ..."


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