Essential Educators Mini Tear Pad Set (Set of 5)

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Product Description

Cover the basics of essential oils knowledge with this Essential Educators™ mini tear pad set! Each tear pad goes into detail about a specific topic and includes tips, recipes, lots of helpful information! They can be used as outlines and handouts for your next essential oil classes, as flyers to a prospective customer, or as informative gifts to share with your team! This set of 5 products includes:

  • 1 "Aromatherapy" Mini Tear Pad: Discusses aromatic effects on the body, mind, and emotions; outlines methods of aromatherapy; and includes sample blends for diffusion and perfumes.
  • 1 "Dilution" Mini Tear Pad: Reviews dilution methods, lists common carrier oils, and offers a dilution chart by age for roll-on vials.
  • 1 "Essential Oils and Cooking" Mini Tear Pad: Outlines the cost effectiveness, convenience, and health benefits of cooking with essential oil; pictures oils most commonly used in cooking; and provides helpful guidelines for oil substitution.
  • 1 "Internal Application" Mini Tear Pad: Discusses how high-quality essential oils can powerfully affect our bodies, presents different methods of internal application, and includes cooking tips and essential oil-infused recipes.
  • 1 "Topical Application" Mini Tear Pad: Explains how high quality essential oils can powerfully affect our bodies, presents methods of topical application, and identifies calming and relaxing essential oils—along with blend recipes.

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)


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