Dropper Cap Assembly: 2 oz. Bottles

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Product Description

This dropper fits our 2 oz. amber and blue bottles. Pre-assembled for your convenience, glass droppers save you time and oil. They help you control how much oil you add to a blend and make filling capsules a snap.

Note: To prevent deterioration of the rubber bulb, store bottle in an upright position and replace the dropper cap with a regular cap when not in use.

Quantity: 1 pre-assembled, 3-piece dropper cap assembly that includes a glass pipette, rubber bulb, and plastic cap with hole.

Neck: 20-400. (Click to view other bottles and tops with the same neck size.)

Size: Fits our 2 oz. amber or blue glass bottles.


  1. • To use the dropper, simply squeeze and release the rubber bulb to draw the liquid up into the glass pipette. Then gently squeeze the rubber bulb to apply the liquid a drop at a time.
  2. • Simply transfer oil from another bottle. You can do this easily by using a plastic pipette, syringe, or glass dropper.
  3. • Once all the oil is in and the dropper is screwed on, you may want to label the bottle. You can purchase our blank labels to customize and print yourself.


Review by:
Great for transferring oils
(Posted on 2/2/2017)
Review by:
Perfect size.
(Posted on 2/1/2017)
Review by:
These are the best
(Posted on 1/31/2017)
Review by:
These are the best
(Posted on 1/30/2017)
Review by:
Great prices
(Posted on 1/27/2017)
Review by:
I had some dropper caps that needed to be replaced. Instead of replacing the whole bottle - I just ordered more dropper caps. Essential Oils can be hard on rubber.
(Posted on 1/26/2017)
Review by:
Just what I needed for my Extracts bottle. Fast service
(Posted on 1/25/2017)
Review by:
Very nice product. Works very well.
(Posted on 1/24/2017)
Review by:
These dropper caps get the job done. Try not to let any oils come in contact with the bulbs though, because oil will degrade the rubber.

Good price/fast delivery.
(Posted on 1/23/2017)
Review by:
Pleased as always. Good products, fast delivery :):):) (Posted on 1/5/2017)

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