The World of Mirrors, by Valerieann Skinner

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Do you ever feel trapped in a box labeled "less than who you are"? This book provides you with the tools for bursting out by going within!

Learn how to tap into the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge within by seeing your reflection in the "world of mirrors." Open the door to your heart and remove the negative feelings and thoughts that create false and limiting beliefs covering the truth of who you are.

In this book, Valerieann Skinner shares the stepping stones for building a boundless bridge to knowing and being your true self. You will learn how to tap into your dreams and how to extract guidance and healing. You will also learn a painless way to resolve the negative feelings that surface in this journey of self discovery.

"There is also a unique blend of oils called "Dream Catcher." This blend may help open the mind, enhance dreams, and help one visualize their visions and hang onto them until they become reality. Combine the essential oils with the "painless tool"; you'll have powerful help for changing negative feelings to positive, and your journey will be enhanced!"

The magical mirrors you will learn to use:

  • • Your Body.
  • • Your Words.
  • • Your Daily Life.
  • • Your Surroundings.
  • • World Events.

Also included are simple steps for understanding one of the most dynamic mirrors, your dreams. Topics:

  • • Remember Your Dreams.
  • • Interpret Your Dreams.
  • • Interpret Colors in Your Dreams.
  • • Interpret Any Symbol.

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Publication: 2010.

Pages: 42.

Binding: Softcover.

Size: 5" x 8".

Table of Contents

Your True Self
Part I: The "World of Mirrors"
Chapter 1: Reflections
Chapter 2: A Mirror in Action
Part II: Dreams
Chapter 3: Your Reflection Revealed in your Dreams, Chased by a Bull, and Steps for Interpreting Your Dreams
Chapter 4: Those Strange Dreams
Chapter 5: Only for "You"
Chapter 6: How to Interpret Colors in Your Dreams; Steps for Interpreting Colors
Chapter 7: Remembering Your Dreams
Chapter 8: Dream Interpretations, Blue Sphere and Fawn, Temple Reflections
Part III: Many Mirrors
Chapter 9: Your Reflection in Life Events; Steps for Effectively Using Your Life as a Mirror
Chapter 10: Your Reflection in World Events, Steps for Effectively Using World Events as a Mirror
Chapter 11: Your Reflection in Your Surroundings; Steps for Effectively Using Your Surroundings as a Mirror
Chapter 12: Your Reflection in Your Words; Steps for Effectively Using Your Words as a Mirror
Chapter 13:Your Reflection in Your Body; Parts of the Body and the Associated Feelings; Steps for Effectively Using Your Body as a Mirror
Part IV: Healing Negative Feelings
Chapter 14: Resolving Negative Feelings with the "Painless Tool"
Part V: Interpreting Symbols Made Simple
Chapter 15: Steps for Interpreting "Any" Symbol
Chapter 16: Just So You Know, Possible Limitations; The Ultimate Interpretation
Chapter 17: Questions for Finding the Meaning in Your Reflections
Part VI: Hearing and Trusting the Voice Within
Chapter 18: Hear the Messages, Learn to be Silent, Live in the "Present", Discover "Your" Way
Chapter 19: The Value of "Your" Truth; Let GO and Trust The Power Within
Part VII: Balancing the Reflection of Opposition
Chapter 20: The Balancing Act, Opposition, Balancing Opposites, Present Time Poppies
Part VIII: Symbols
Chapter 21: Symbols and Possible Interpretations
Chapter 22: My Personal List of Symbols


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I gave this book to my friend as a gift for her birthday. she says she loves it.I trust she will let me borrow it so I can take a look as well. (Posted on 12/29/2016)

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