Aura Personalites, by Staci Sadler

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Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge is unstoppable power. It's time to create positive change and the life you really want. This book can help:

  • • Understand how and why you operate as you do.
  • • See how and why you make decisions the way you do.
  • • Recognize self-defeating behaviors as impermanent.
  • • Live from an energetically charged place within your unique light.
  • • Magnify your talents and gifts.
  • • Live from strength instead of surrendering to weakness.
  • • Contribute to the world as you were meant to do.
  • • Let go of the need to be all things to all people.
  • • Discover your own expectations, based on who you really are, so you can be accountable and responsible to others.
  • • Own your role in relationships.
  • • Open up to your own strength, beauty, and light.
  • • Open up to the strength, beauty, and light of others.
  • • Live in your light and obtain lasting satisfaction and peace.

Aura Personalities sheds a literal light on the diverse traits and gifts of individuals in the human family. There are many books and schools of thought on personality, but I have found Staci's to go deeper and more thoroughly into the spiritual aspects of inborn attributes and abilities. Her work is truly fascinating!" —Cherie Burton, Author and Life Coach

"Aura Personalities is an amazing and insightful book. If you have ever desired to understand those in your family, co-workers, friends, and people in general better, this book will open your mind to an entirely fresh and uplifting perspective of everyone around you." —Jennie Ohlund

"My family owns two Aura Personalities books. As a family have found that knowing our personalities has helped shift the dynamics of our family. We have 9 children and for the first 3 weeks after buying the book.... there was at all times a family member on the couch with the book and the list of siblings and their colors. We studied ourselves and each other. The end result is that we have an easier time not taking things so personally...My clients have loved the book as well and it has been a very useful took in the mentoring and breakthrough process." —Susan Taylor, Owner of Living Equilibrium

Purpose: Education. (Click here for information on the difference between Marketing and Educational materials.)

Publication: 2013.

Pages: 321.

Binding: Softcover.

Size: 5½" x 8½".


Staci Sadler is a Soul Integrity Mentor, an Aura Personality Consultant, a thought leader and a life coach. She also organizes events to help promote holistic health businesses through her company, Utah Natural Health.

Table of Contents

To the Reader
Love and Gratitude
Muscle Testing
The Body Family
Green-Amber: The Naturalist
Yellow: The Motivator
The Physical-Environment Family
Red: The Landlord
Orange: The Summiteer
Magenta: The Creator
The Mental Family
Amber: The Judge
Green: The Innovator
The Mental-Emotional Family
Red-Amber: The Storyteller
Blue-Amber: The Ministering Angel
The Emotional Family
Blue: The Heart Guardian
The Emotional-Spiritual Family
Violet: The Influencer
Lavender: The Free Spirit
The Spiritual Family
Crystal: The Vessel
Indigo: The Paradigm-Shifter
Aventurine-Crystal: The Avatar
Magenta-Crystal: The Saint
Amethyst-Crystal: The Angel
Indigo-Crystal: The Commander
Imperial Topaz: The Phoenix
Shifting Auras


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