Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell

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This book will fill a growing need for effective aromatherapy information and treatments that improve and maintain animal health, as well as prevent common ailments in dogs, cats, and other animals. It focuses on safety and common uses of essential oils, application methods, recipes for various ailments, and in-depth information on the simplest essential oils to use for everyday aromatic animal care.

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals is a reliable and trustworthy holistic aromatherapy resource for pet owners, aromatherapy lovers, and all pet-related professionals. It provides the soundest and safest advice, recipes, and supported information available.

"Finally, it's here! The comprehensive book on aromatherapy for companion animals. Ms. Bell's years of expertise in utilizing essential oils is evident in this definitive and much needed guide. This book takes the reader step-by-step on a journey into the world of aromatherapy for pets. It is an empowering and informative must-have book for the novice or experienced holistic caregiver."—Mary Wulff-Tilford, DiHom., professional herbalist, AHG, co-author of All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets

" Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals is the latest in a long line of new books on natural animal health, but this one is very different. Kristen Leigh Bell has kept pace with essential oil science while developing a brand of veterinary aromatherapy that is at once cautious and practical. This book will be a nice addition to the pet owner's library and a good reference for the veterinarian. I learned a lot from it!"—Susan G. Wynn, DVM, co-author of Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine: Principles and Practice

"Kristen Leigh Bell's book is perfectly timed. Her training, experience and research make her uniquely qualified to write the definitive guide to aromatherapy for pets. The book will help improve the health of dogs and cats around the world with remedies that are gentle, free of adverse side effects, easy to use, and affordable. I look forward to quoting her book in articles on holistic pet health and will recommend it in all my workshops and seminars."—CJ Puotinen, author of Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care and Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats

" Holistic Aromatherapy for Animalswill certainly improve the quality of life and wellness for both pets and their owners. A must-have library addition for those seeking empowerment in veterinary care."—Suzanne Catty, author of Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, co-author of Aux Petits Maux, Les Nouveau Rem?des

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Publication: 2002.

Pages: 221.

Binding: Softcover.

Size: 6" x 9".


Kristen Leigh Bell is on the forefront of aromatherapy with animals. She has studied with Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD, of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, and she completed her Master's Certification project on Aromatherapy for Pets. She is the founder of Aromaleigh Aromatherapy and resides in upstate New York with her son, Connor Michael, and her dogs, Nigel and Blossom.

Table of Contents

Aromatherapy Has Gone to the Dogs ...and Cats ...and Horses
The Tools of the Trade & The Perilous Quest for Purity and Quality
A Closer Look at the Aromatics Used in this Book
Man's (and Woman's!) Best Friend: Aromatherapy for Dogs
Aromatherapy for Cats: Sensitive and Mysterious Creatures
Aromatherapy for Birds and Other Small Pets
Aromatherapy for Horses and Other Large Animals
Brewing Up Your Own Potions: Suppliers, Packaging, Resources and Education
Appendix 1: Table of Weights and Measures and Conversion Tables
Appendix 2: Holistic Resource Guide
Appendix 3: Recommended Reading
End Notes


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