Circle Laser Labels: 1/2", Blank, White, Moisture-Resistant Polyester (154 Count)

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Create your own professional looking labels for your sample vials blank, white circle labels! Fits perfectly on a ¼, ⅝ or 1 dram essential oil sample vial; a 5, 10, or 15 ml essential oil vial; or a roll-on bottle.

Now you can create your own professional-looking labels for your oil vials and salve containers with these blank white circle labels! Made of weatherproof polyester with a special glossy coating to help protect the ink from smearing. These labels fit best on our ¼, ⅝, and 1 dram vials and salve containers.

Quantity: 1 sheet of 154 blank white moisture-resistant polyester circle labels (11 columns of 14 labels each).

Size: Each label measures ½" in diameter. The sheet measures 8½" x 11".

*Note: Made for laser printers; not recommended for inkjet printing.

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