Beechwood Filling Station: Standard Vials, Roll-ons, Capsules (Holds 22 Items)

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Holds an assortment of 5 ml and 15 ml vials, ¼ or ⅝ dram samples, ⅓ oz. (10 ml) roll-ons, and 8 size "0" capsules.

Made from solid European Beechwood, this station securely holds your vials and size "0" capsules while you fill them with essential oils!

Note: When filling capsules, insert the longer portion of the capsule in the slot for easiest removal. Work quickly, and remove completed capsules within a couple of minutes—before they start to dissolve.

Features: Holds 22 items: 5 vials, 15 ml size; 4 vials, 5 ml size; 3 sample vials, ¼ or ⅝ dram size; 2 roll-on vials, ⅓ oz.(10 ml) size; 8 size "0" capsules.

Size: ¾" x 3½" x 6¾".

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