Rollerball "Baby Bottle": Waterproof Assorted Labels (10 Count)

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Get labels for 10 baby care products from the "Baby Bottles" Make & Take Workshop Kit.

Need extra labels for our Rollerball™ "Baby Bottle" Make & Take Workshop Kit? This sheet of 10 labels comes with 1 label each for the 10 roll-on blends. It is perfect if you want to hold additional classes or give away multiple vials of blends for gifts. The labels repel both water and oil. They adhere securely to our 1 oz. roller bottles.

Quantity: 10 labels—1 for each recipe: Defense, Dream, Ear, Happy, Nose, Seasonal, Skin, Tummy, Teeth, and Temperature. (Make-and-take kit, roll-on and dropper bottles, essential oils, and carrier oil not included.)

Size: 1¾" wide x 1¾" tall (each label).

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