Aroma Ready Medium Versatile Aromatherapy Case: 15 ml (Holds 36 Vials)

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This fabulous case carries 36 standard vials, 5–15 ml in size, along with marketing materials such as brochures and sample cards.

This fabulous case includes a foam insert in the main compartment that holds 36 standard vials, 5–15 ml in size. It also has a zippered inside pocket for DVDs or printed materials. This is an ideal place for the "Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils," with room left for cards, brochures, etc.

Note: To further customize your case, see our other foam inserts that hold 30 ml vials or popular diffusers.

Quantity: 1 case with detachable, adjustable should strap and 1 foam insert.

Features: Holds 35 vials, 5–15 ml in size, plus marketing materials.

Size: 4¼" x 8¾" x 9½".

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