The information on this page is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be used to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injury. Seek professional medical attention if your animal appears to have any disease, illness, or injury.

One to two drops of essential oil is all that is necessary on animals, as they respond much more quickly to the essential oils than do humans. Vegetable oil can be added to extend essential oils over larger areas and to heavily dilute the essential oil for use on smaller animals, especially cats.

See the Common and Botanical Name Index for the botanical name of each essential oil listed below.

Bleeding: Geranium, helichrysum.

Bones (Pain): Birch/wintergreen, lemongrass, spruce.

Calm: Lavender, Roman chamomile (for horses, add to feed). Dilute well for cats.

Cancer (Skin): Frankincense, cumin.

Cats: According to Valerie Worwood, you can treat a cat like you would a child. Dilute oils heavily with vegetable oil. Avoid melaleuca, as it has been known to cause death in cats.

Colds and Coughs: Eucalyptus, melaleuca (not for cats). Apply on fur or stomach.


Anxiety/Nervousness: Lavender, valerian. Rub 1–2 drops between hands, and apply to muzzle, between toes, on top of feet to smell when nose is down, and on edge of ears.

Arthritis: A blend of rosemary, lavender, and ginger diluted with massage oil.

Bone Injury: Birch/wintergreen on injury.

Heart Problems: Myrtle/ravensara on back using Raindrop Technique with warm wet pack. Peppermint on paws.

Pain and Stress: Do Raindrop Technique (the video Essential Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets demonstrates this technique on a dog and a horse). This technique helps relieve stress on the back, shoulders, and legs as well as raise immune function and protect against illness.

Sleep: lavender (on paws).

Stroke: Frankincense (on brainstem/back of neck).

Travel Sickness: Peppermint. Dilute with massage oil, and rub on stomach. Also helps calm stomachaches.

Earache: Blend 1 drop melaleuca (tea tree), 1 drop lavender, and 1 drop Roman chamomile with massage oil. Put in ear, and rub around the ear. (Do not use this blend on cats.)

Fleas: Citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass, pine. Add 1–2 drops of oil to shampoo.

Kim Bloomer, co-author of Whole Health for Happy Dogs shares what she did to help her dog, Shadrach (a 125 pound Neo Mastiff), after he was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his hips and elbows:
"I was told by both my dog's vets (holistic and traditional) that he would never run again and that the best I could do is alleviate his pain...So I put together a protocol I have used diligently for two months now and my dog is running, playing and acting like a puppy again!"
  • Raw meat & bones twice a day with one drop Longevity oil blend added in the morning, and one drop Di-Gize oil blend added with the evening meal (both blends from Young Living Essential Oils).
  • One ounce of Ningxia Red Juice (from Young Living Essential Oils) per day.
  • One Vitagreen capsule (from Young Living Essential Oils) per day.
  • Fish oil daily.
  • One Traumeel tablet (homeopathic/herbal remedy from Shadrach's vet) per day (for pain)
  • Two BLM capsules (from Young Living Essential Oils) per day
  • One serving of Sulfurzyme Powder (from Young Living Essential Oils) per day.
  • Weekly Raindrop Therapy.
"I also use a variety of essential oils on his hips and elbows which include (I switch them around) Panaway blend, Aroma Siez blend, Valor blend (essential oil blends from Young Living Essential Oils), cypress essential oil, clove essential oil, wintergreen essential oil, and pine essential oil."
"But the crowning glories that have brought me back my youthful puppy though are these two (and if I had to give all the others up, I’d keep these two...and the Ningxia Red):"
  • ImmuPro (capsule from Young Living Essential Oils) "One day of giving Shadrach this tablet and he was bouncing around like a puppy the very next day. Prior to that he was maintaining but not youthful."
  • ImmuPower (essential oil blend from Young Living Essential Oils) "...this most wonderful smelling essential oil blend I apply along his spine and hips twice a day. I don’t use as much of the other oils now that I have this one..."


Flies: Idaho tansy mixed with water. Spray over animal to keep flies and other insects away.

Hoof Rot: Blend of Roman chamomile, thyme, and melissa diluted in vegetable oil.

Leg Fractures: Ginger and vegetable oil. Wrap the leg with a hot compress. Massage leg after fracture is healed with a blend of rosemary and thyme with vegetable oil. This may strengthen the ligaments and prevent calcification.

Muscle Tissue/Ligaments: Equal parts lemongrass and lavender on location and wrap to help regenerate torn muscle tissue.

Wounds: Helichrysum, rose ointment.

Saddle Sores: Rose ointment.

Parasites: Cedarwood, lavender. Rub on paws to release parasites.




Information on this page is from the Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie & Alan Higley, ©1998-2002. For more information on this topic, see also the books Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell, the video Essential Tips for Happy Healthy Pets, or listen to the lecture on tape, Natural Animal Care with Essential Oils, by D. Gary Young.