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Young Living Distributors
Use the power of the web to build your business!

Young Living World is an educational website created by Young Living Essential Oil (YLEO) distributors. It features free access to detailed product information, essential oil application techniques (including Raindrop Therapy and Vita-Flex), Young Living company information, testimonials, and more!

If you are serious about building a business with YLEO, a low-cost subscription will give you further access to special training by top distributors and marketers, your own web site where clients can enroll and order products, and much, much more!

Access to the Young Living World site and special discounted subscription rates are only available at

What is the Young Living World Website?

  • A free information source for everyone wanting to learn about YLEO's amazing products—even before they have seen a brochure, heard a tape, or smelled an oil.
  • A cooperative website featuring training by some of YLEO’s top distributors.
  • 100% approved by YLEO.

What are the Benefits of Subscribing to Young Living World?

If you are serious about building a business with YLEO, subscribing to Young Living World will provide you with the following incredible tools:

  • Unlimited access to business and product training provided by some of the top distributors and network marketers in the world. This training includes:
    • A mini-course covering the Eight Steps to Success.
    • Audios of some of the most successful distributors talking about how they got started and what they recommend for success with YLEO.
    • Articles by YLEO's top distributors with all kinds of business “Tips from the Top”.
    • Articles by some of the most successful network marketers in the world, giving you their advice on what it takes to succeed as they did.
    • Internet resources for training in some of the most difficult areas of marketing.
  • Your own replicated website with a unique URL where you can send potential clients and distributors for quality information about YLEO products and business opportunities.
  • An online catalog where your clients can purchase YLEO products and enroll as YLEO members and distributors.
  • A Special Events area where you can advertise your own YLEO meetings.
  • A customizable contact page where you can post your own contact information, highlight your favorite products, and more!

What Does a Subscription Cost?

The regular subscription price is just $40 per year, but if you sign up now through Abundant Health, all of these great subscription benefits are yours for only $38 per year!

To take advantage of this special discounted subscription to Young Living World, click on the link below, then click on the "Order YLW Website" link on the right side of that page.

Take a look….Go to!

*Note: To order a subscription to Young Living World, you must be a YLEO member. Contact your local YLEO distributor for more information about becoming a member.