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Spa Treasures Bunny 


Share a little springtime with this fun bunny! This easy-to-make bunny is really cute, and is a fun way to share bath salts, bath melts, essential oils, room sprays, or any other aromatic treat you'd like to hide inside it! 

Materials Needed:

  1. 2.5" Mailing  Tube: These are used to create the body of the bunny. Each bunny needs 11" of tube. These can be found at most any mailing or office supply store.
  2. Plastic Salve Containers: These containers can be used to hide treasures in. Each has a lid that unscrews to reveal the surprise waiting inside. For this size bunny, the 2 oz. Salve Containers work best (it will fit 3-4 containers). Other sizes can be used for other size bunnies. You could also use gift-bags to hold 5/8 dram, 1/4 dram or 1/6 dram samples of oils, or other treasures.  
  3. Downloadable Pattern: Use this pattern to create the bunny shown in the picture, or design your own bunny or other animal.
  4. White Sheet of Paper: Used to cover the mailing tube if desired. One sheet of regular paper wraps around a 2.5" of mailing tube almost perfectly.
  5. Cardstock Strips: Depending on the thickness of the cardstock, one or two strips of cardstock measuring 1.5" x 8.5" will be needed.  This will help attach the head of the bunny to the body of the bunny.
  6. Glue: Used to attach the pattern to the body of the bunny.
  7. Aromatherapy Treasures: There are several different options you can use to place in each container, with different ingredients needed for each. See below for ideas and details.   


  1. Carefully cut the mailing tube so it is 11" in length using a box-cutter or other sharp knife.
  2. Wrap the white sheet of paper around the tube and glue it in place.
  3. Using a box-cutter or sharp knife, carefully cut the top 3" off of the tube. This 3" portion will be the bunny's head, and the remainder of the tube will be the body.
  4. Roll the cardstock strips into a ring and place inside the bottom of the head portion of the tube so approximately 1" of the ring is inside the tube, and .5" of the ring extends below the bottom of the tube. Glue or  tape the ring in place.
  5. Download the bunny pattern using the link above. Cut out the 2.5" circle and attach onto the top of the head part of the tube. Cut out the face and ears and attach to the head portion of the tube as desired.
  6. Cut out the feet portion of the pattern and glue onto the bottom of the body portion of the tube. Cut out and form jacket and arms and glue in place on the body portion of the tube. Cut out bow tie and glue in place.
  7. If desired, glue a cotton ball on the back of the bunny for a tail.
  8. Fill your containers or gift bags with the aromatherapy treasures you desire. Some ideas include:
  9. Insert the ring attached to the bottom of the head into the top of the body portion of the tube and slide head into place. The ring should keep the head securely in place until the recipient opens it to discover what treasures are hidden inside!

Extra Ideas: 

  1. Create several bunnies, or include a gift basket to hold extra treasures.
  2. For more great spa recipes that you can use in your bunny, see the books 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy, by Carol and David Schiller, Body Care Naturally: Essential Oils Home Spa Recipes, or Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions, by Donna Maria.

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