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Essential Oil Card Ideas

Here are several ways that you can use the essential oil cards:



Print your contact information on 1" x 3" clear labels, and place these labels on the back-side of the essential oil cards. Giving these cards away with your contact information not only allows potential clients to learn more, it is also a great way to allow potential clients or customers the opportunity to contact you again.

Clip with CardUse 1/6 dram sample vials with clips to clip a sample of an essential oil or blend to a card to give away.
DisplayCreate a mini-display using a card and a 1/6 dram sample vial. Display several of these mini-displays at a class or trade-show to allow people to see the oils and to learn a little more about them. To create this display:

Card Illustration


  • Fold a card in half
  • Cut two quarter-inch slits perpendicular to the fold about 1/4" apart from each other in the middle of the card.
  • Push the fold inbetween the two slits inside the folded card.
  • Partially open the card and insert a 1/6 dram sample vial in the two slits.
  • Stand the card up to display, or fold in half again and seal with tape or a sticker to give away as mini sample packets.
Give a card out with each bottle of oil you sell or give away to give clients new ideas about how they can use the oils.

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