Other Holiday and Seasonal Ideas

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Other Holiday and Seasonal Ideas

Seasons are constantly changing, but we have ideas for all!

Making and giving one of these creations is also a fun, personal way to introduce essential oils to family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances.

Any Holiday or Season

Air Fresheners Aromatherapy Air Fresheners
These easy-to-make air fresheners work great as a part of a gift basket, or they can be used as samples, party favors or door prizes.

Easy Essential Oil Transfers
Did you know you can use essential oils to transfer prints from a laser printer or copier onto fabric, wood, or other materials?  This easy method is a lot of fun and opens up many possibilities for personalized gifts with a really neat effect!
Valentine's Day

Heart Warmer Valentine Heart-Warmer
Warm someone's heart on Valentine's Day (or any other occasion) with this adorable aromatic pillow! The Heart-Warmer can be heated to help soothe sore and achy muscles, or it can be used cool to help relax tired eyes and ease headache tension. This fun project is inexpensive to make, and is a great way to allow someone to experience the many benefits of essential oils as well.

Easy Aromatic Candle Creations
These creations are a fun way to share the aroma of natural essential oils with others!  They also make a great romantic atmosphere at a dinner for two!
ScentedNote Scented Notes and Letters
Add a classic touch to a card or note by adding the unique aroma of your favorite essential oil! Whether you are looking to add a touch of romance, or just trying to brighten someone's day, scenting your note with a complimentary essential oil will only enhance the message you are trying to send!
St. Patrick's Day

Kiss Me, I'm Irish Lip Balm
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Looking for a fun gift to celebrate?  Try sharing homemade lip balm for smooth, kissable lips!

Spa Treasures Bunny
Share a little springtime with this fun bunny!  This bunny is really cute, and is a great way to share bath salts, bath melts, essential oils, room sprays, or any other aromatic treat you'd like to hide inside it!

Springtime Scented Bubbles
When the weather turns warm, what could  be more fun than making and playing outside with your own scented bubbles?  These great bubbles are easy to make and fun to use.  They make great gifts as well!
Linen SpraySpring Linen Spritzers
These easy-to-make spritzers can be used to scent the air, to freshen up sheets and curtains, and in many other ways!

Summer Shine Lip Gloss
Pamper someone with this unique gift! The glass bottle holds your special message for the recipient, and is then later used to combine the bath salts with the essential oil of your choice to create a luxurious bath soak.
LipBalm Natural Insect Repelling String Ties
These insect-repelling string ties are really easy to make, and are great for keeping insects away from camping areas, picnic tables, and other outdoor events! The compact case/dispenser this string is stored in is small enough that it can easily be taken backpacking, hiking, biking, or on any other outdoor excursion.

Aroma-Coasters Scented Mug Coasters
These scented coasters add a fun touch to any party or gathering where hot drinks are served!  Each time a warm mug is placed on a coaster, your guests will soon enjoy the aroma of your chosen essential oil or blend hidden inside!  These are so relaxing when serving hot chocolate on a cold snowy day!

Candlewick Room Diffusers
This diffuser is a great way to subtly spread the aroma of your favorite autumn oil blend throughout a room!

Harvest Moon-Milk Bath Fizzers
Simply drop one of these milk-bath fizzers into warm bathwater, and it will instantly begin fizzing, crating a milky foam scented by the aroma of your favorite natural essential oil or blend.

Watch for more great gift ideas to appear on this site soon!