Natural Clothes Freshener

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Natural Clothes Freshener 

This simple clothes freshener makes a great gift, and is a fantastic way to freshen
clothes in a small closet or drawer with the natural aroma of essential oils. 

Materials Needed:
  1. Aroma Pad: These small pads hold the essential oils within the box.
  2. Small Wood or Soapstone Box: The box pictured above is a soapstone box typically used for burning incense, and can be found in many craft or scent stores (typically by the scented candles). These types of boxes work well as they already have holes in the top that allow the scent to diffuse into the air from within. If the box you select does not have holes, you will need to drill a few small holes to the top using a masonry bit for soap-stone boxes, or a regular wood bit for wood boxes.
  3. Essential Oils: Include a small 5 ml, or 5/8 Dram vial of your favorite essential oil or blend.  
  1. To use this clothes freshener, place the Aroma Pad within the stone or wood box.
  2. Add 15-25 drops of your desired essential oil or blend.
  3. Secure the lid on the stone or wood box.
  4. Place the box in your desired closet or drawer (or other enclosed space).  The scent will slowly diffuse into the air, lightly scenting the clothes in the space. Refresh the pad within the box as desired with additional oil.


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