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Ideas for Sharing Oils

So many of us want to share the oils and introduce people to the oils without seeming pushy or awkward about it.  Many are not sure of ways to bring up the topic with those they don't know very well.  We have a few ideas that may help introduce the oils, teach about them, or have them out in the open for others to inquire about.  In short, these are some fun ways to share essential oils!

Making and giving one of these creations is also a fun, personal way to introduce essential oils to family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances.

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Air Fresheners Aromatherapy Air Fresheners
These easy-to-make air fresheners work great as a part of a gift basket, or they can be used as samples, party favors or door prizes.

Basic Oil Diffusers
These simple diffusers work well to diffuse the scent of your desired essential oil throughout a small room!  These also make great gifts, and are a fantastic way to introduce others to the many benefits of using essential oils!

Candlewick Room Diffuser
Although this idea was inspired by the fall season, it can be used everyday with any essential oil of your choice!  This fun diffuser is a great way to subtly spread the aroma of your oil throughout a room!

'Car Charms' Car Diffuser
These simple car diffusers are easy to make, and work really well!  When using peppermint essential oil, these are a great way for keeping the driver awake and alert!

Crystal Scents Air Fresheners
These colorful crystal creations can add a touch of elegance to any room, while gently adding the natural aroma of your favorite essential oil or blend to the air.  These simple air fresheners are easy to make, and can be refreshed and reused for many months!

Easy Aromatic Candle Creations
These creations are a fun way to share the aroma of natural essential oils with others!  You'll be surprised at how many people ask about these candles!

Easy Essential Oil Transfers
Did you know you can use essential oils to transfer prints from a laser printer or copier onto fabric, wood, or other materials?  This easy method is a lot of fun and opens up many possibilities for personalized gifts with a really neat effect.

Essential Oil Sample Game
Share the benefits of essential oils with others with this fun game!  This easy-to-make game combines essential oils with the classic three-in-a-row game and is a great way to give the gift of essential oils to friends, family, and neighbors!
EssentialOilSampler Essential Oil Sampler
Samples of essential oils with ideas on how to use them are a great way to allow others to discover the same love for oils that you've discovered! Give single sample vials, or include some of your favorite aromas (along with ideas on how they can be used) in a sampler gift-pack.
EssentialOilSampleTree Essential Oil Sample Tree
Looking for a classy way to give away samples of your favorite holiday oils? This wooden tree is a lot of fun to make, and displays 10 sample vials of your favorite oils beautifully!
ScentedNote Scented Notes and Letters
Add a classic touch to a card or note by adding the unique aroma of your favorite essential oil! Whether you are looking to add a touch of romance, or just trying to brighten someone's day, scenting your note with a complimentary essential oil will only enhance the message you are trying to send!

Simply Uplifting Air Sprays
Make a few simple sprays to uplift and brighten the atmosphere in your home or office!  You can even re-use your old essential oil vials with our special spray-tops that fit right on top!

Watch for more great gift ideas to appear on this site soon!