Gift Surprise Snowman

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Gift Surprise Snowman 


These adorable snowmen are a fun way to give some of your favorite aromatherapy treats to a friend or family member! 

Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic Salve Containers: These containers create the body of the snowman. Each has a lid that unscrews to reveal the surprise waiting inside. For each snowman you create, you will need one 4 oz. Salve Container, one 2 oz. Salve Container, and either one 1 oz. Salve Container, or one 1/2 oz. Salve Container.
  2. Hot-melt Glue Gun: This is used to attach the containers together, and to attach the decorations to each snowman.
  3. Ribbon (optional): Use about 6-8" of your favorite holiday pattern ribbon to create a scarf for your snowman.
  4. Aromatherapy Surprises: There are several different options you can use to place in each container, with different ingredients needed for each. See below for ideas and details.   


  1. To create the body of each snowman, use the glue gun to attach the bottom of the 1 oz. Salve Container to the top of a 2 oz. Salve Container, then attach the bottom of the 2 oz. Salve Container to the top of the 4 oz. Salve Container.
  2. If desired, print out this PDF file onto cardstock using a color printer, and use the shapes to create the face, buttons, and hat of the snowman, or create your own unique snowman decorations. Cut out the shapes, assemble as shown, and use the glue gun to attach the decorations where desired on the body of the snowman.
  3. To create a scarf for your snowman (if desired), cut a length of ribbon between 6" and 8" in length. Tie the ribbon around the "neck" of your snowman using a single over-hand (granny) knot. Using the glue-gun, place a small dot of glue behind the knot, then press the knot onto the glue to hold it in place. Use sharp fabric scissors to cut multiple 1/8" - 1/4" slits in each end of the ribbon to create the "fringe" of the scarf if desired.
  4. Fill each container with the aromatherapy surprise you desire. Some ideas include:
    1. For the large bottom container:
    2. For the medium-size middle container:
    3. For the small top container:

Extra Ideas: 

  1. Create two or more snowmen (or snowwomen) to create a family of snowmen filled with many surprises.
  2. For more great spa recipes that you can use in your snowmen, see the books 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy by Carol and David Schiller, Body Care Naturally: Essential Oils Home Spa Recipes by Starr Moree and Kari McDermott, or Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions by Donna Maria.

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