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Deluxe Aromatherapy Oil Inhaler Opening Instructions

Note: when opening the inhaler using the instructions below, it may be possible to damage the outside cover, or the glass and plastic used inside this inhaler if extreme caution is not taken. Please be advised that if you attempt to open the inhaler, you do so at your own risk, and we cannot be responsible for any damage caused during this process.

Often, with these inhalers, simply twisting the base and the gold piece with your hands will loosen it enough that you can open the inhaler to change the cotton on the inside. If this does not work, follow these instructions for opening your inhaler:
  • Gather two pairs of pliers, and two thick rubber bands.
  • Open the inhaler as shown here so that the gold-colored piece can be seen above the bottom of the colored case.
  • Wrap one of the rubber bands around the colored base of the inhaler.
  • Wrap the second rubber band around the gold-colored part of the inhaler (the rubber bands help protect the surface of the inhaler so it doesn't get scratched by the metal surface of the pliers).
  • Use the two pairs of pliers to gently grasp the two parts of the inhaler wrapped with the rubber bands. Apply just enough pressure so that the pliers don't slip when turned.
  • Using a back-and-forth motion, turn the two parts of the inhaler in opposite directions with the pliers until the two parts begin to separate.
  • Test to see if the glass bottle holding the cotton piece will come loose just by turning it with your hand. If it doesn't, wrap the class bottle with a rubber band.
  • Gently grasp the glass bottle with one of the pairs of pliers, and the gold-colored part with the second pair of pliers. Apply just enough pressure that the pliers won't slip when being turned.
  • Turn the two parts of the inhaler in opposite directions, turning the gold-colored cap in a counter-clockwise direction until the two parts begin to separate.
  • Unscrew the gold-colored cap the rest of the way and remove it from the glass bottle.
  • You should now have four separate parts of the inhaler as shown here.
  • Remove the piece of cotton from the inside of the inhaler, and replace with a new wick. Add your desired essential oils to the new wick.
  • Un-wrap the rubber bands from the inhaler, and re-assemble the inhaler by screwing the gold-colored cap back on the glass bottle, inserting the bottle and cap into the bottom of the inhaler case, and place the lid of the case back on the inhaler.
  • Once the inhaler has been opened, you should then be able to easily open the inhaler with your hands to replace the wick or add oils to the wick in the future.

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