Bath Salt Gift Cones

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Bath Salts Gift Cones 


Start a new holiday tradition with these fun gift cones These unique gift-box alternatives hold a relaxing treat—bath salts and a vial of your own favorite relaxing essential oil or blend!

  1. Download one of the above cone templates (PDF format) and print onto white cardstock or heavy paper from your computer.
  2. Cut around the outside edge of the cone template.
  3. Decorate as desired.
  4. Fold the cone along the inner straight lines (you will end up with four triangular sides with a long tab along one edge, and one square side with a shorter tab).
  5. Place glue along the top side of the long tab. Glue the top side of the long tab to the back edge of the triangle side farthest away from the tab (this will form the four-sided cone shape) and allow glue to dry.
  6. Fill the cone with your favorite bath salts or Epsom salts (it may be best to place the salts in a small bag before placing in the cone to prevent them from spilling out).
  7. Place a small vial of your favorite essential oil or blend on top of the salts. For smaller samples of oil, use a 1/6 dram Sample Vial, a 5/8 dram Vial, 1/4 dram Vial or a 1 dram Vial.
    • Punch a hole in the top square, or on the sides of the cone and tie a string, yarn, or ribbon to hang the cone from.
    • Fold the square top of the cone so it covers the cone and so the short tab goes inside the cone, then place a sticker or tape along one or more edges to seal the cone closed. 
    • Hang the filled cone on a doorknob, hook, Christmas tree, or wherever else you desire.
    Extra Ideas:
    • Tie gift tags for your cones onto the string you have attached to hang the cone from.
    • Anonymously give filled gift cones to your friends or neighbors to find by hanging them from the door-knob on their front door.   

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