Basic Oil Diffusers

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Basic Oil Diffusers 

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These simple diffusers are very easy and inexpensive to make, but they work well to diffuse the scent of your desired essential oil throughout a small room! These also make great gifts and are a fantastic way to introduce others to the many benefits of using essential oils!

Materials Needed:

  1. 15 ml Glass Vial: Used to hold the oils and as the container for the diffuser.
  2. Aroma Testing Strips: Used to diffuse your essential oils. You will need 20 strips for this diffuser.
  3. Essential Oils: Choose your favorite essential oil or blend to give your essential oil diffuser its own unique aroma. You will need about 5–10 ml for this diffuser. 
  4. Jojoba or V-6 Mixing Oil (Optional): These oils can be used to slow the rate of diffusion from your diffuser if desired. About 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon is sufficient.


  1. Fill the 15 ml vial with 5–10 ml of your desired essential oil or blend.
  2. If desired, mix 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of jojoba or V-6 oil with the essential oils in the vial.
  3. Take each of the 20 Aroma Testing Strips, and cut the top of the strip off just below the second red line (so the remaining part of the strip is now all white).
  4. Stack the 20 Aroma Testing Strips on top of each other. Place the bottom of the stack into the 15 ml vial. If the vial is fairly full of oil, you will need to place the stack in slowly, giving the Aroma Testing Strips time to absorb enough oil so the Aroma Testing Strips are able to fit into the vial without over-flowing the oils.
  5. Once the Aroma Testing Strips are all the way to the bottom of the 15 ml vial, fan the top of the Aroma Testing Strips so the top of each strip is slightly apart from each of the adjoining strips.
  6. Place your assembled diffuser in your desired location (you may wish to choose a location where it is less likely that the diffuser may accidentally get knocked over and spill). After about an hour, the oil will saturate the Aroma Testing Strips and will diffuse into the surrounding room. Refill the oil in the diffuser as desired.

Extra Ideas

  1. Use colored labels, ribbon, raffia, or other items to decorate your diffuser as desired.
  2. If giving this diffuser as a gift, place the cap on the 15-ml vial to prevent spills, and include instructions for the recipient on how to assemble this diffuser. You may also wish to include an extra vial of essential oil to refill this diffuser.   
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