Lucy Libido: Peek-a-Boo Class Note-folio (25 Count)

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Product Description

This beautiful Peek-a-Boo Note-folio—made with sturdy, book-cover paper—is a combination notebook, teaching brochure, recipe card, and sample vial holder.

Organized to flow with Lucy's Little Black Book class outline, the first flap contains a class introduction. The second flaps opens to space for note-taking. Close the note-folio, and the back is a recipe card for make & take samples: Lucy Lube (Lucy's Sea Man Stroking Jelly base + Lucy's Original oil blend) and the new Solider Serum. Finally, the note-folio is hole punched for a sample vial of the lube or love potion.

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Quantity: 25 note-folios.

Size: 3½" x 8½", folded.


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