CD: Embracing Success, by Deb Erickson

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Alpha Transformational Systems (ATS) are audio "mind retaining" recordings created to support you in transforming your life in every way. Choose to change using these tools to help transform your life.

Volume 5: Embracing Success will help you move purposefully into the success and achievement you desire. If you are looking to release unwanted doubt and fear, move up the career path, increase your business income, and become a top-producing leader, then this CD is for you.

Designed by Master Neuro Coach Deb Erickson, Alpha Transformational Systems (ATS) are audio "mind retaining" recordings created to tool you for transforming your life. Once you understand mechanisms of the mind that keep you stuck in negative patterns and self-sabotaging behavior, you can choose to change. Deb teaches the Alpha Transformational Systems Series for Women in 5 CDs following a progressive sequence.

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Each CD contains 3 unique tracks:

  • Morning Wake-up Affirmations can be used each morning to set the tone for your day. Listen upon waking, before your feet ever hit the ground, and feel the power of setting your intention.
  • Power-up Affirmations can be used anytime you need to refocus your energy and feel the surge that "I am" statements provide. Feel the beat of music and the power of words to get an internal boost.
  • Alpha Affirmations should be used as your meditation or bedtime retraining session. Feel free to fall asleep to it every night as "you are" statements reaffirm your power and value. (However, listen to these affirmations at least once in a fully awake state so that you consciously hear the suggestions made to your subconscious mind.)

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