8 oz. Bottle: Purple Plastic with Black Trigger Sprayer

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Customize 8 oz. Bottle: Purple Plastic with Black Trigger Sprayer
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8 oz. Bottle: Purple Plastic with Black Trigger Sprayer
8 oz. Bottle: Purple Plastic with Black Trigger Sprayer

In stock


This plastic trigger spray bottle works well for misting cleaning sprays, perfumes, spritzes, body sprays, and more! The purple color helps protect the contents from UV light. Comes with a locking tab.


    This useful plastic spray bottle comes in a pretty shade of purple to help protect your oil-based creations from damaging UV light. The locking trigger sprayer dispenses perfumes, scented waters, spritzers, and other light creations.

    Note: Because some essential oils have the potential to clog the spraying mechanism, this spray top is not guaranteed when used with essential oils. However, many customers have found that it seems to work better with essential oils than our fine-mist pump sprayers.

    Volume: 8 fl. oz.—1 c., or 240 ml. (Container Size Comparison Chart)

    Neck: 24-410. (Click to view other bottles and tops with the same neck size.)

    For more information about our plastic containers and their safety with essential oils, click here.

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