5/8 dram Sample Vial: Amber Glass with Orifice Reducer and White Cap (495 Count)

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These small vials work well for sharing samples with friends. They are also the perfect size for travel kits or first aid kits!

Quantity: 495 vials with orifice reducers and white caps.

Volume: ⅝ dram, or 25–40 drops, depending on oil thickness. (Size Comparison Chart)

Neck: 13-425. (Click to view other bottles and tops with this neck size.)

Size: ⅝" x 1½" (with cap).


  1. • You can transfer oil from another bottle by using a plastic syringe or glass dropper. After the oil is in the bottle, place the orifice reducer in the hole and press until fully inserted.
  2. • Better yet, our 45-drop pipette works extremely well for filling (and refilling) these sample vials because the tip can fit through the orifice reducer, allowing you to put oil in after inserting the orifice reducer. This reduces mess and waste.
  3. • Once the oil is in and the cap is on your samples, you may want to place rectangle labels in 12-count strips or 24-count sheets on the vials. For professional-looking samples with information cards, you can purchase our Premium Essential Oil Sample Cards.

Video: Why an Orifice Reducer is Important

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