4 oz. Bottle: Blue Glass with White Pump Top

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Customize 4 oz. Bottle: Blue Glass with White Pump Top
1 x 4 oz. Bottle: Blue Glass, 24-400 Neck Size   + $0.00
1 x Pump Top: White; for 4 oz. Blue Glass and 2, 4, 8 oz. Plastic Bottles; 24-410 Neck Size   + $0.00

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4 oz. Bottle: Blue Glass with White Pump Top
4 oz. Bottle: Blue Glass with White Pump Top

In stock


This blue glass bottle helps protect the contents from UV light. The pump locks down and opens easily to dispense lotions, liquid soaps, and creams.


    Protect and dispense your lotions, soaps and creams with this beautiful blue glass bottle with pump top! The cobalt color helps protect the contents from UV rays. The handy pump top can be easily locked down for mess-free travel and opened for dispensing.

    Quantity: 1 glass bottle with pump top.

    Volume: 4 fl. oz.—½ c., or 120 ml. (Container Size Comparison Chart)

    Neck: 24-400. (Click to view other bottles and tops with the same neck size.)

    Size: 1¾" x 5½".


    1. Fill bottle with desired contents.
    2. Wipe the threads of bottle and pump with a clean cloth to ensure that they are dry and free from any liquid or dust.
    3. Cut the tube on the pump at a 45° angle to 1/16" above the bottom of bottle.
    4. Screw the pump securely onto bottle (clockwise).
    5. If the pump becomes stiff or hard to use, remove it from bottle, Place the bottom of the tube in warm, soapy water, and work the pump action a few times until the water moves through. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and then pump again with tube in warm, clear water to rinse. Remove the tube from water and continue pumping until empty.
    6. To lock the pumping mechanism for storage or travel, simply press the head of the pump all the way down and twist clockwise into the locked position. Twist counter-clockwise to unlock.

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