2 ml Sample Vial: Purple Glass with Orifice Reducer and Black Cap (12 Count)

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Product Description

Share small samples of essential oils, perfumes, and other aromatic liquids with these beautiful green glass vials. The dark color helps protect the contents from damaging UV light.

Quantity: 12 purple glass vials with orifice reducers and black caps.

Volume: 2 ml, or ~⅝ dram. (Container Size Comparison Chart)

Neck: 13-425. (Click to view other bottles and tops with this neck size.)

Size: ⅝" x 1⅛"(with cap).


  1. • Simply transfer oil from another bottle. You can do this easily by using a plastic pipette, syringe, or glass dropper.
  2. • After the oil is in the vial, place the orifice reducer in the opening at the top of the vial, and push the orifice reducer down until fully inserted. If you have the 45-drop plastic pipettes to transfer oil, we recommend putting the oil in the bottle after putting the orifice reducer in.
  3. • To give information about the oil or blend, attach a Premium Sample Card.


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