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8200CDSP   8200CDSP—CD: Aceites esenciales—el eslabon perdido, 2008
8201CD   8201CD—Training CD 101: Essential 7, 1995
8202CD   8202CD—Training CD 102: Golden Touch Kits, 1995
8204CD   8204CD—Training CD 104: Feelings, 1995
8205CD   8205CD—Training CD 105: 7th Heaven, 1995
8206CD   8206CD—Training CD 106: 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture, 2001
8215CD   8215CD—CD: True Source & Life 5, by Doug Corrigan
8216CD   8216CD—CD: Super B & Clarity, by Doug Corrigan
8217CD   8217CD—CD: The Slique Experience & Weight Management with Grapefruit and Ocotea, by Doug Corrigan
8218CD   8218CD—CD: Spring Cleaning with Thieves® Products, by Doug Corrigan & Peter Minke
8219CD   8219CD—CD: Frankincense—Separating Fact from Fallacy, by Doug Corrigan & Karen Boren
8220CD   8220CD—CD: The Politics of Vaccinations, by Barbara Loe Fisher
8221CD   8221CD—CD: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, by D. Gary Young, ND
8223CD   8223CD—CD: The Medical Miracle of the Essential Oils, by Terry S. Friedmann, MD
8228CD   8228CD—CD: Essential Oils—Nature's Gifts for Healthy Families, by Vicki H. Opfer
8230CD   8230CD—CD: Brilliant Compensation, by Charles W. King
8231CD   8231CD—CD: The Miracle of Young Living™
8240CD   8240CD—CD: Infinite Abundance, by Karol K. Truman
8241CD   8241CD—CD: Why Weight, by Karol K. Truman
8242   8242—CDs: Alpha Transformational Systems Series for Women, by Deb Erickson
8243   8243—CDs: Mastering the Art Series, by Deb Erickson
8306   8306—CD: Re-Turning—The Healing Feelings Theme, by Karol & Daniel Truman
8505   8505—Music CD: Remembrance, by Hemi-Sync®
8513   8513—Music CD: Himalayan Soul, by Hemi-Sync®
8543   8543—Music CD: Catnapper, by Hemi-Sync®
8544   8544—CD: Deep 10 Relaxation, by Hemi-Sync®
8545   8545—CD: Retain-Recall-Release, by Hemi-Sync®
8606DVD   8606DVD—DVD: Essential Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets, by Destyne Erickson
8608DVD   8608DVD—DVD: Emotional Release, by David Stewart, PhD
8609DVD   8609DVD—DVD: Healing Oils of the Bible, by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP
8611DVD   8611DVD—DVD: Toxic Mold—A Breakthrough Discovery, by Edward R. Close, PhD, PE
8619DVD   8619DVD—DVD: High on Yoga, by Laura Holbrook
8622DVD   8622DVD—DVDs: Healing—God's Forgotten Gift, by David Stewart, PhD, Don Clair, and Sandy Sutter
8623DVD   8623DVD—DVD: Frankincense—Separating Fact from Fallacy, by Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren
8705   8705—Slimline Wood, Oil-diffusing Pendant
8706   8706—Wood Honeycomb, Oil-diffusing Pendant
8707BlackSilverRound   8707BlackSilverRound—Round Black and Silver Aroma Necklace
8707BurgundyWhiteTeardrop   8707BurgundyWhiteTeardrop—Burgundy and White Teardrop Aroma Necklace
8707LavenderBeads   8707LavenderBeads—Lavender Beads Aroma Necklace
8709WithCharm   8709WithCharm—Oil Wear Diffusing Pendant with Charm
8710   8710—Perfuser™ Aroma Necklace with Oil Vial and Charm
8712   8712—Small Aroma-ball Necklace
8713   8713—Large Aroma-ball Necklace
8713Round   8713Round—Small, Round Aroma-ball Necklace
8714   8714—Aroma-ball Bracelet
8715   8715—Braided Aroma-ball Bracelet
8716   8716—Gold Wave Aroma-ball Necklace
8717   8717—Classic Aroma-ball Necklace
8718   8718—Aroma-balls Charm Bracelet
8720TCP   8720TCP—Terra-cotta Diffusing Pendant
8723   8723—Terra-Cotta Air Fresheners
8730Abstract   8730Abstract—Abstract Clay Diffusing Pendant
8730DesertRose   8730DesertRose—Desert Rose Clay Diffusing Pendant
8730EarthlyElegance   8730EarthlyElegance—Earthly Elegance Clay Diffusing Pendant
8730UnisexWhiteLeaf   8730UnisexWhiteLeaf—Unisex White Leaf Clay Diffusing Pendant
8731   8731HempBracelet—Hemp Bracelet Clay Diffusing Bracelet
8732   8732—Clay Diffuser Mood Stones (4 Count)
8733   8733—LavHa Diffusing Bracelet
8740A   8740A—Aroma Bead Necklace (Pendant and Chain)
8740B   8740B—Aroma Beads (50 Count)
8740bAssorted   8740bAssorted - ASSORTED Aroma Beads (50 Count)
8740C   8740C—Aroma Bead Sachet Bag
8745   8745—Stainless Steel Diffusing Pendant
8746   8746—Clay Diffusing Necklace
8747   8747—Clay Air Freshener
8749   8749—Slap-on Scents Bracelet
8750   8750—Multi-stone Diffusing Lava Rock Bracelet
8751   8751—3-stone Diffusing Lava Rock Bracelet
8752   8752—Single-stone Diffusing Lava Rock Bracelet
8753   8753—Single-stone Diffusing Lava Rock Earrings
8754   8754—Terra-cotta Leaf Diffusing Pendant with Charm
8755   8755—5-stone Wrapping Lava Rock Bracelet
8761   8761—Antique Diffusing Locket
8762   8762—Peacock Feather Diffusing Locket
8763   8763—Floral Vines Diffusing Locket
8764   8764—Soccer Ball Diffusing Locket
8765   8765—Baseball Diffusing Locket
8766   8766—Snowflake Diffusing Locket
8767   8767—Butterfly Diffusing Locket
8768   8768—Moroccan Diffusing Locket
8769   8769—Diffusing Bracelet: Snowflake Locket with Silicone Band
8773   8773—Lotus Flower Diffusing Locket
8800   8800—"Diffuser Blends for All Occasions" Booklet (10 Count)
8800a   8800a—"Diffuser Blends for All Occasions" Booklet
8801   8801—"The Essential Child" Recipe Booklet with Labels
8803   8803 - Heal with Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8804   8804 - Anoint with Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8805   8805—Therapeutic Blending with Essential Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8806   8806—Organic Beauty with Essential Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8807   8807—Heal With Essential Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8808   8808—Healthy Cooking With Essential Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8809   8809—How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally with Essential Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo
8810   8810—25 Aromatherapy Blends for De-Stressing, by Victoria H. Edwards
8811   8811—Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut, by Bruce Fife, ND
8812   8812—Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, by James L. Wilson, ND, D.C., Ph.D.
8813   8813—Naturally Bug-Free, by Stephanie L. Tourles
8814   8814—Live With Your Pet in Mind, by Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA
8817   8817—First Aid with Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy, by Nancy Brandt, DVM, CVC, CVA
8818   8818—Chemical-Free Pets: Raising Our Standards, by Nancy Brandt, DVM, CVC, CVA
8822   8822 - The Hormone Cure, by Sara Gottfried, MD
8825   8825—Aromatherapy Kit: A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Everyday Life, by Iside Sarmiento
8827   8827—"Essentially Cooking with The Back Porch: Your Guide to Cooking with Essential Oils" by Jess Wenz
8832.v2   8832.v2—The Essential Woman: Recipe Booklet with Labels
8833.v2   8833.v2—The Essential Family: Recipe Booklet with Labels
8833Set2K   8833Set2K—The Essential DIY Recipe Series: Recipe Booklets with Labels (Set of 6)
8841   8841—What to do in an Emotional Emergency: 5 Practices to Find Peace, by Megan Burnside
8842   8842—Let's Face It! Skincare Savvy for Healthy and Graceful Age-ing, by Sheila Rae Steele
8843   8843—DVD: Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils
8845   8845—The Essential Oil Truth: The Facts Without the Hype, by Jen O’Sullivan
8846   8846—Smelly Faces Sniff the Earth, by Sarah Bodnar
8849   8849—The Aroma Freedom Technique, by Benjamin Perkus, PhD, 2nd Edition
8850   8850—Essential Gut & Hormone Wellness: Finding Balance Naturally, by Teri A. Ringham
8851   8851—Essentially Fit: Essential Oils for Physical Fitness, Weight Training, and Weight Management, by Adam Ringham
8852.v2   8852.v2—Lucy Libido Says...There's an Oil for That, Revised Vavavoom Edition
8852Class   8852Class—Lucy Libido's Little Black Book: There's a Class for THAT, Teacher's Guide
8852Labels   8852Labels—Lucy Libido's Bottle Labels (81 Labels)
8852Notes   8852Notes—Lucy Libido's Peek-a-Boo Class Note-folio (25 Count)
8854   8854—Full Spectrum Success: Living & Leading in True Color, by Jacob Adamo
8856   8856—The Pantry Principle, by Mira Dessy, NE
8859   8859—Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life, by Deb Erickson (2nd Edition)
8859CDSet   8859CDSet—CDs: Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life, by Deb Erickson, 2nd Edition
8860LogBook   8860LogBook— Share Because You CareSeries' "Daily Log Book" by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8860Planner   8860Planner— Share Because You CareSeries' "Yearly Planner" by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8861   8861—Synergy, It's an Essential Oil Thing, by Scott A. Johnson, ND, and Joshua J. Plant, PhD
8862   8862—Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails, by Scott A. Johnson, ND, Revised 3rd Edition
8862SP   8862SP—Spanish Version of Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails, by Scott A. Johnson, ND, Revised 3rd Edition
8863   8863—Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy, by Scott A. Johnson, ND
8868   8868—Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional, by Eric Worre
8869   8869—The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness, by Jeff Olson
8901   8901—Essential Oils R4U: DIY Every Day, by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8902   8902—Clinical Aromatherapy, by Jane Buckle, 3rd Edition
8903   8903—Heart Scents: Scent at the Cellular Level, by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8904   8904—The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual, by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger (2 Volumes)
8905   8905—Everyday Uses for Essential Oils
8906Spanish   8906Spanish—SPANISH Raindrop Technique, by D. Gary Young, ND, Revised and Expanded
8907   8907—Share Because You Care: The DIY Workbook for Abundance, by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8908   8908—Share Because You Care: The DIY Guide to Abundance, by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8910   8910—"The Superior Ningxia Wolfberry: A Powerful, Natural Ally Against Disease and Aging" Booklet by Hugo Rodier, MD
8911   8911—Aromatherapy Workbook, by Marcel Lavabre
8912   8912—Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends: Using Essential Oils and Supplements, by Sara Kenney
8913   8913—Essential Oils Business Book, by Chistina Caslisto-Winslow
8919   8919—Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair, and Skin Care, by Erich Keller
8920Book   8920Book—What Can I Deduct? Recordkeeping Tips to Minimize Your Taxes, by Dee Dee Stone, 2016
8922   8922—Gentle Babies, by Debra Raybern
8923   8923—Aromatherapy for the Soul: Spiritual and Emotional Empowerment with Essential Oils, by Judy Jehn, RMT
8924   8924—Aromatherapy: Home Remedies from A to Z—Sharing the Essence of Oils, by Star Moree PT, CNHP and Kari McDermott CNHP, RM
8930   8930—A Teen's Guide to Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance, by Patty McLain MEd, 2017
8931   8931—The Raw Food Feast: 7 Days Through the Rainbow, by Mandilyn Canistelle
8933   8933—The Coconut Oil Miracle, by Bruce Fife, C.N., ND
8935   8935—Beyond The Master Cleanse, by Tom Woloshyn
8936   8936—Vitamin D3 and Solar Power for Optimal Health, by Marc Sorenson, EdD
8937   8937—Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies, by Richard Gerber, MD, 3rd Edition
8938   8938—The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), by Ronald L. Hoffman, MD
8939   8939 - Doctors Could Be Wrong: Find out for Yourself! by Becky Utley
8940   8940—Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay
8941   8941—Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual, by Karla McLaren
8942   8942—You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay
8945   8945—The MSM Miracle: Enhance Your Health with Organic Sulfur, by Earl L. Mindell, RPh, PhD.
8948   8948—Gettin' Fresh: Essentially Cooking For Summer with The Back Porch, by Jess Wenz
8949.v2   8949.v2—#OverFlow, by Andrew and Cristy Jenkins, 2nd Edition
8949DVD.v2   8949DVD.v2—DVD: #OverFlow Training DVD, by Andrew and Cristy Jenkins, 2nd Edition
8950   8950—The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet, by Felicia Drury Kliment
8951   8951—The Summit: A Network Marketer's Guide to the Top, by Justin Pitts
8953   8953—A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, by Ruth Winter, MS
8954   8954—I Can Do It: How to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life, by Louise Hay
8955   8955—Reference Guide for Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman
8956   8956—Laminated Script Card for Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman
8959   8959—Essential Fitness: Recipe Booklet with Labels
8960   8960— Discovering the Healer Within, by Karen D. Gilroy
8961   8961—Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way, by Karen Edwards, PhD, 2nd Edition
8962   8962—Essential Cleaning: Recipe Booklet with Labels
8963   8963—The Essential Man: Recipe Booklet with Labels
8969   8969—The Better Brain Book, by David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, and Carol Colman
8976   8976—Nature's Mold Rx: the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold, by Edward R. Close, PhD, and Jacquelyn Close, RA
8977   8977—Aroma Feng Shui Essentials, by Isla Cordelae and Patrece Powers
8979   8979—Beauty & Body Care Naturally: Home Spa Recipes with Essential Oils by Star Moree and Kari McDermott
8982   8982—The Bear Essentials, by Nick Hintze
8986   8986—Aroma Yoga®, by Tracy Griffiths
8986DVD   8986DVD—DVD: Aroma Yoga® with Tracy Griffiths
8986SETK   8986SETK—Aroma Yoga® Book and DVD Set with Tracy Griffiths and Ashley Turner
9000   9000—The Chemical-Free Home, by Melissa M. Poepping, CNHP
9001   9001—The Chemical-Free Home 2, by Melissa M. Poepping, CNHP
9002   9002—The ADD and ADHD Diet! by Rachel Bell and Howard Peiper, ND
9003Book   9003Book—Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, by Daniel Mcdonald, 2nd Edition
9003CD   9003CD—CD: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils
9003SetK   9003SetK—Emotional Healing with Essential Oils Book and CD Set
9004   9004—Healing Oils, Healing Hands, by Linda L. Smith, 2nd Edition
9006   9006—Healing Oils: 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy, by Carol and David Schiller, 2nd Edition
9009   9009—Emotional Freedom Face-Lift, by Sabina M. DeVita, EdD, DNM
9012   9012—A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique, by David Stewart, PhD, RA
9014   9014—Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy, by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD
9015   9015—Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils, by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD
9019   9019—Aura Personalites, by Staci Sadler
9020   9020—What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, by John R. Lee, MD, and Virginia Hopkins, MA
9021   9021—What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause, by John Lee, MD; Jesse Hanley, MD, and Virginia Hopkins
9027   9027—The Naturally Clean Home, by Karyn Siegel-Maier
9029   9029—The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, by Valerie Ann Worwood
9030   9030—Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman
9030SP   9030SP—SPANISH Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman
9031   9031—Healing Feelings From Your Heart, by Karol K. Truman

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